Of all the titles expected to release in 2021, Resident Evil Village consistently tops the list of many gamers.

Serving as a sequel to Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village sets to expand even further into the elements that made the previous game interesting for many players.

Resident Evil 8
Resident Evil Village has yet released but already made news for its new feature.

A new feature to take pictures of Lady Dimitrescu

Besides, Resident Evil Village also includes a new feature that allows players to have a more detailed view of the famous villain. That feature is Photo mode (photo mode).

In recent years, the photography mode has become extremely popular in AAA video games. Now, Village will be the first Resident Evil installment to include this mode. That means fans of Lady Alcina Dimitrescu will be able to take close-ups of her at will.

Lady Dimitrescu
Lady Dimitrescu is among the most popular characters of the game.

Since Lady Dimitrescu appeared in the promotional material for the game, she has become extremely popular on social networking sites. Many digital artists, as well as cosplayers, have shown an interest in Capcom's sexy character designs.

The existence of the shooting mode will allow gamers to experience the game and characters more closely.

Lady Dimitrescu 1
And players now can take close-ups of her anytime they like.

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What's new in Resident Evil 8?

Capcom has definitely given fans of the series a lot of things to consider. As for the plot, the events in Resident Evil 7 will be thrilling for gamers to unfold. That can be confirmed since Chris Redfield and the new version of Umbrella will play a larger role than before in the Village.

Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay
Cosplayers pulled off Lady Dimitrescu look.

Moreover, it will also be interesting as we get to see how Lady Dimitrescu and her family get involved in the story and how it affects the Resident Evil timeline.

If there is something that must be said about this title, some would consider that the timeline events are a bit confusing.

Lady Dimitrescu 2
The new game is going to release in the next month.

However, everything that takes place in each game relates ultimately to the story events before. Hence, fans will have a lot to anticipate in resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village, or Resident Evil 8, is scheduled to launch on May 7 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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