Netflix has recently confirmed that it is making a new live-action series that gets inspired by Resident Evil - a popular survival horror video game. Accordingly, the new series consists of 8 episodes. There hasn’t been any specific detail on the official release date of Resident Evil on Netflix but it must be premiered after The Witcher Season 2.

Resident Evil

Back in February, there were some rumors to leak the synopsis for this upcoming live-action series that allegedly revolves around the Maryland town in which the zombie pandemic has broken out. The lead characters in Resident Evil include original characters in the game version such as Chris, Claire Redfield, Leon, and Jill Valentine.

Netflix Resident Evil
Netflix confirms that it has made the live-action series Resident Evil.

However, the synopsis of Netflix’s Resident Evil was re-written completely because Netflix has recently confirmed that the series doesn’t focus on the lead characters in the game. Instead, it aims at two completely new characters who may be related to the children of the villain Wesker.

To get more specific, on Twitter, Netflix revealed that instead of Wesker, his two children, Jade and Billie Wesker, would become the new central points of the new series. The shocking news immediately attracted huge attention from the netizens, especially fans of Resident Evil.

Resident Evil Wesker
Instead of Wesker, his two children would play an important role in the new series.

Many even wondered when Wesker had children because they have never heard anything like that in Resident Evil’s games. However, before being killed in Resident Evil 5, Wesker reportedly settles down and has a family with his twin daughters, Jade and Billie Wesker, aged 14.

Netflix Confirm Resident Evil

After Raccoon City is destroyed, the Umbrella group builds a new Raccoon City. But there is another T-Virus outbreak that changes a game completely. Netflix tweeted that when Wesker’s children moved to the New Raccoon City, the secrets they found out maybe the ending for everything.

With the success of The Witcher Season 1 and the release of the upcoming Season 2, Netflix has now been ready for producing a lot of series that focus on video games. The release of Resident Evil is amongst the typical pieces of evidence; however, whether this live-action series gains the same success to The Witcher or not may depend much on its new plot.

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