Respawn just announced on Apex Legends’s subreddit that it has removed more than 355,000 players on PC because of cheating. The studio did not do it alone though, it has great help from Easy-Anti-Cheat.

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Respawn is going on a war with cheaters

While the number might sound high, according to Jay Frechette, the studio’s community manager, they had a long way ahead of them in addressing cheating.

He said that Respawn needed to change its strategy to identify new frauds and they would be on the lookout all the time. Frechette confirmed that they were serious about this matter and the studio put the wellbeing of the game first.

He also revealed that the studio had come up with other methods to prepare for more complex cheating schemes. The studio is making progress in these plans and they would like to keep them secret so that they have the element of surprise.

However, they did talk generally about how they intended to implement the plans, which includes co-operating with professionals to strengthen their cheat detecting team and allow players to report suspicious acts on PC.

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They still have a long way to go

The Reddit’s post also answered another issue, which are the spammers in selecting characters. However, no much is revealed because, according to Frechette, they did not want to give the cheaters anything that can be used against their new change before it actually takes place.

About some problems relating to cash and the instability on PC, the studio said that they were on the list of things it would address too. Players can take part in this process by using a reporting system and let the studio know of any issue should they happen.

The issue relating to the server is the last matter Frechette talked about and he said that the studio expected to make improvements in this respect.

For now, players can put more hope in the fairness of the game as the studio is showing their effort in addressing cheating.