This cooperative roguelike and action game which was released on the Early Access program of Twitch around the end of March. Earlier today, Hopoo Games - the game’s developer - officially announced that they have already got over one million sales. Since they had to wait almost five years for the original game (Risk of Rain) to hit a similar number of sales, this can be considered as a huge achievement for Hopoo Games.

Having a great number of players playing the new game, the developers are having quite something to keep them staying on top of. Regarding that Risk of Rain 2 is still in the Early Access process, Risk of Rain 2 will still be getting active developments every so often. Also, players can also aid in shaping how the game would officially turn out to be from here. Consequently, Hopoo Games decided to release an updated version of the forecast map for the Early Access process just several days ago. The map outlines the updates as well as the changes they have prepared for the upcoming year.

There are many updates to come

It is shown in the forecast that the devs are currently working on it a bit. Each update adds new bosses, stages, and survivors. New equipment and items will also be released alongside every single update. The big update in the Summer will present the “Skills 2.0” to its players, whereas Fall will introduce something known as the “Hidden Realms.” Furthermore, players will get an “Artifacts 2.0” system in Winter, and next Spring is currently the 1.0 launch’s ideal target.

Screenshot 66
You can help shape how the game will become right now

It’s still quite Obvious that everything is somehow in quite a flux. The devs can change their plans suddenly based on the game’s development. Still, Risk of Rain 2 has got an amazing success for the Early Access process. If Hopoo Games can keep this upward momentum, at this exact moment in 2020, they will certainly be in an extremely good place.

Risk of Rain 2 is now available on PC through the Early Access Program on Steam.