RPG mechanics

For the first time in the Far Cry franchise, they are introducing some RPG mechanics into the newest installment Far Cry New Dawn.

However, taken from the official trailer of the new game, the publisher of the game, Ubisoft does not think it is clear enough for the player. Therefore, they decided to explain this RPG mechanics in a shooting open-world more throughout.

The creative director of the game Jean-Sebastien Decant in a Q&A has helped to explain how will these RPG mechanics be like in the game. He said that in the game player can make guns with ranks, and your enemies will have ranks so the ranking system will come into effect when you fight against your enemies.

The homebase and outposts

Rpg Mechanic In Far Cry New Dawn Explained By Ubis
The homebase

And there will be also a home base in the region New Dawn for the player. The player could invest in upgrading it will result in unlocking better upgrades on the characters and etc. An escalation system will also be there, and it is a big change to the liberation of an outpost. Now, the player will have to choose from to occupy or to  “squeeze” the outpost.

Rpg Mechanic In Far Cry New Dawn Explained By Ubis
Capuring an outpost

Occupying the outpost means that the locals move in and make the outpost their home then it provides a constant resource to the player.

By squeezing it, it means the player will get an upfront a huge sum. but then the outpost will be leaf open for retaking by the enemies. And when they have done so, the outpost will become more guarded and sure will have better loots and resources in it.

Developers at Ubisoft hope this new system will improve this factor of Far Cry series, because now there will be more incentive to fight and capture the outposts, or prolong the game and do some investment.

The new game Far Cry New Dawn will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC from the 15th of February.