Futuristic spies are really cool in fiction. They can become invisible, shapeshift at will, and do all other kinds of cool things. Like mind control and using drones for infiltration. That's the power of the futuristic spy in Sigma Theory - a new sci-fi Spy Simulation game from Mi-Clos Studio, and available on Steam starting from today.

In this game, you will be the head of your country's Sigma division - with the mission of tracking down "The Sigma Theory", a discovery that can lead to the destruction of the global financial system, and wipe out entire countries.

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There are many spies for you to choose from

As you are having a strong spy network in your hand, your job is to send the spy to investigate and track down "The Sigma Theory" - using whatever method you want, including seduction, blackmail, and kidnapping. You can choose from the roster of 50 spies in your organization - each with their own personalities and traits - to use in your mission.

To celebrate this launch of the game, the developers also released a new launch trailer for the game, which you can take a look below:

According to the developers, they also want to bring this game to the mobile platform, too - as this game is really suitable for mobile devices. However, the devs currently want to focus on releasing more content for the PC version, so they will have to hold their excitement for the mobile version, at least for now.

Sigma Theory is now available on PC via Steam, with a current discount of 10%.