When Gamescom 2019 was officially done away with just the week before, it officially wrapped up all of the major conventions and events in the gaming industry for the year. Nonetheless, in spite of the dwindling supply of note-worthy gaming news and that notable papers are beginning to prepare for yearly reviews, we still have got plenty of release dates to look out for in the year. Holiday seasons are fast approaching and game developers are trying their very best to bring out their biggest projects of the year to meet up with hopeful players. With many blockbusting games coming out in such a short period of time, definitely you should just mark your calendar for dates that are truly important. To be more specific, dates that have multiple games coming out simultaneously instead of looking out for seemingly random dates with games that you might not even be interested in.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the key games to come out later this year.

If you’re looking for a guide to track all of the important dates, here are six dates that you should mark up on your calendar. Save up in your account by then, because you’ll have some pretty tough decisions to make about which one to get.

27th of August

27th of August is not that far ahead into the future and it's the first date we ought to be looking out for. Control - an intriguing, surreal, and highly stylish title of Remedy Entertainment would be dropped to the wider market on this date.


Next, from the co-creator of the more or less legendary series, Assassins’ Creed came Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey. The game has already rolled out on console, but it will reach the PC marketplace on this date.

Ancestors 5

On the multiplayer front, Blizzard will bring all of us back to the nostalgic days of early MMOs with World of Warcraft: Classic.

Classicorgrimmar 0

30th of August

Only three days after, it’s time to get spooky. We have two massive survival - horror games coming out to greet all those who love to turn off the light and scare themselves witless. First is the game adaptation of the found footage horror movie that had had a cult following when it came out in 1999: Blair Witch. Wandering into the forest where you're definitely not welcomed by the dark forces lurking in the ancient trees is a bad idea.

But if you feel like it, feel free to. It's your life on the line, after all.

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Out at sea, you’ll be able to immerse into the treacherous, rolling waves of the South Pacific Ocean in The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan. In the frothy dark water lies a deadly, mystical secret as you take up the control of a group of American travelers descending into the darkness of a ghost ship to uncover the eldritch horrors within its bowels.

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This is Supermassive Games’ new survival horror game project that’s a hopeful successor of the widely successful Until Dawn.

11 Man Of Medan Multiplayer

There’s a third game that’s coming out. If you love anime slash action games, there’s Astral Chain for you to look into.

10th of September

Winter will hit the market early as Gears 5 took the players to an entirely new world. In the blistering cold, an entirely new world dominated by merciless ice and snow. The fan-favorite series returns with a vengeance to reclaim its old glory with a new game mode called ‘Escape mode’, with support for three players.

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Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) returns with a new title, and a few new partnerships. Though as always, you shouldn’t expect a lot of new things to arise.

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On the RPG front, you have Greedfall that’s quite an ambitious project with a choice-driven narrative and quite elaborate combat system.

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13th of September

On the second week of September, you’ll have Borderland 3 making a comeback at last after five years of complete inactivity. The community has done its part in being hyped up for the upcoming release, so if you’re part of this crowd, definitely put this date on your calendar and pin it as utmost important.


If you own a Switch, Daemon X Machina is a mech-combat title that pitches fearsome robots against one another. The game was close to being ready when it was released during E3 2018, and you’ll be able to get your hands on it on 13th of September.

Daemon X Machina Release Date

Though EA has been at the bottom and a big victim for target practice by gamers recently for various things. It would roll out NHL 20 - the newest hockey game with a new battle-royale-esque 3v3 tournament mode for the game nights with friends on the console. The game would also see a couple of improvements that might make it extra fun.

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25th of October

Now this is the date I look most forward to personally with the official arrival of the completely new and revamped Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). With a darker plot, new mechanics, graphical engine, and abundant of multiplayer modes, … this is the most significant title for the series for the last few years. And I cannot be more excited. The sentiment is the same in the gaming community about the new addition to the iconic series.

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The Outer Worlds - Obsidian’s newest game is also set to come out. Comprised of a good portion of the developers from the pre-Fallout 4 era, the game promised significant choices, character developments, and extensive RPG elements in a brand new world that they let loose the players to explore.

The Outer Worlds Pavarti Companion

Meanwhile, a remake of the retro 1998 MediEvil is also scheduled for release, heralding the return of Sir Daniel Fortesque on the PS4.

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5th of November

In anticipation of the 2020 Summer Olympics, the Switch will be getting new sporty and competitive games with the return of Mario and Sonic. Filled to the brim with mini games in both 2D and 3D.

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Just Dance 2020 will turn on the lights for the party through various platforms, such as the Wii.

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Planet Zoo will also transform the tycoon experience as the spiritual successor of Zoo Tycoon that will not only educate you on the world’s rich ecosystem and habitats, but also promises a fun management experience for those who love to put things into proper order.

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