The nuclear disaster - Chernobyl has become the inspiration for many works, from HBO's famous movie series with the same name to video games such as the Stalker. However, some creators can still find some space to develop their products, and Chernobylite is one of them.

The developer The Farm 51 might have takes the strangest approach to the disaster ever with Chernobylite. Recently, at Gamescom 2019, it has shown off a 17-minute long gameplay demo of this non-linear game, and it's beyond my expectations.

Here's the full demo of the game at Gamescom 2019. Nevertheless, if you're too lazy or don't want to get spoiled, you can skip it and read our overview to get some information about it.

The story of Chernobylite

The story in Chernobylite is non-linear, in which you'll be taken to different times with no order, so let's begin where everything starts first.

The game tells the story of a Physicist named Igor. His beloved girlfriend has mysteriously disappeared at the time the Chernobyl nuclear plant exploded. However, Igor can hear the voice of his girlfriend through another crystalized dimension.

Chernobylite Showcases Splendid Gameplay In Gamesc
Igor's girlfriend disappeared at the scene of the Chernobyl disaster

Things even get weirder as Igor even get bombarded by the visions of other victims. The greatest threat to him is the pack of masked soldiers that can access that same dimension.

Initially, he is taking his trip to bring his girlfriend back. 30 years after the disaster, Igor finally chooses to face his fear and revisits the scene where his girlfriend disappears. However, the military guarding at this place is preventing you from breaching the infectious zone, so you'll have to be sneaky.

Chernobylite Showcases Splendid Gameplay In Gamesc
He needs to be sneaky in this area to avoid the patrol

The further he investigates this area, the more he reveals the mystery behind the disasters. Can Igor find his beloved ones back?

Chernobylite is the mixture of the Stalker and Metro

The story of Chernobylite is already very promising, bringing a lot of messages about obsession, love, and conspiracy. In fact, the game is not totally about confronting your fears but surviving against them.

The entire Chernobyl scenery is portrayed through 3D scanning, making it very close to real life. In there, you'll have to sneak in the area full of radiation to find the secrets behind your girlfriend's disappearance. There are also other stalkers in this place as well, and you can choose to ally with some of them. But remember, don't totally trust anybody, as everyone has their secret agenda.

Chernobylite Showcases Splendid Gameplay In Gamesc
You can choose the work with other stalkers, but don't trust them completely

Furthermore, you can spend your whole day preparing, but don't miss a single second when you start exploring. As time goes by, your surviving chances become smaller. Your allies are dying, your supplies are not limitless, and the guards might accidentally found you.

Chernobylite Showcases Splendid Gameplay In Gamesc
Your survival chances will shrink as time goes by

It's safe to say that Chernobylite brings the most realistic survival elements you can crave for in those scenarios. To be more specific, Igor does have health and energy gauges that you should be mindful of. Additionally, he wields a Geiger counter to keep track of the radiation levels so that he doesn't misstep in a contaminative area.

Chernobylite Showcases Splendid Gameplay In Gamesc
Igor can monitor the radiation level before getting into certain areas

And as a Physicist himself, Igor can make weapons as well as other equipment and supplies. Those items will come very handy in certain cases, and it's also mandatory to get to other areas alive. For example, you might come against the deadly situation when some mutant monsters strike. At those times, apart from running and hiding, you'll need weapons to stand a chance against them.

Chernobylite Showcases Splendid Gameplay In Gamesc
Igor can make weapons to deal with patrols and mutant creatures

The eerie environment of Chernobyl and the first-person surviving gameplay of the game is best-illustrated through the demo. But in summary, it brings the main elements of two famous title - the Stalker and Metro.

Release dates

Chernobylite is coming out for PC through Steam in Autumn 2019. You can add it to your wishlist to get the notification when it officially comes out.