A true definition for a "survival game" is basically non-existent. Many can argue that even some horror titles like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Outlast lie in the survival genre. After all, you all need to run to survive from the creepy crawling creatures, right?

However, for this list, we will narrow down this concept a little bit. Survival games for us are the ones that require you to collect and distribute resources to be able to live on. Hence, here is our list of the 5 best titles that match that concept of survival games. Hopefully, you'll find your enjoyable experience trying those games (or replay it!)

Without further ado, let's get right into it:

1. Minecraft

The first one to shine in this list is also the least expected one - Minecraft! Now that you've seen it, you probably figured out that Minecraft suits the concept of a survival game perfectly.

No matter what you're feeling about this title, it's hard to deny that it's the most influential game in the last decade. Its gameplay is very simple, as you'll basically have to survive in the titular blocky open world. In order to do so, you simply need to eat and don't take too much damage. Collecting and planting your food, as well as exchange them with your friends is more than enough to keep on living in this giant world

However, that's not where the game shines. The greatest feature of Minecraft that attract millions of players is the fact that it allows you to build everything. Specifically, you can build your own constructions at every size, gathering materials while exploring the underground world. Additionally, it doesn't lack action elemental, as you will have to fight against hordes of deadly enemies (including monsters and players!)

Top 5 Best Survival Games 1
Minecraft is more than just surviving!

Overall, Minecraft is a great survival game with insane freedom and many other fascinating features from other genres as well!

2. The Forest

Following Minecraft in this list is a less famous one - The Forest. At the first time it popped out on Steam, the game is a mess. To be more specific, it suffered from the problems that many early access game has to face - low completing level.

At that time, The Forest has trumpeted itself with beautiful visuals and unique gameplay features. However, the fragmentation in the main story and some mechanics not functioning as intended has ruined the game.

For many other titles, those problems might have completely brought the game down to ashes. But it's not the case for The Forest, as the developer decided to stick with it. In order to improve the game, the developer has relentlessly polished the game's 3D first-person survival gameplay. Consequently, we now have a complete version of one of the best cooperative survival games of all time.

Top 5 Best Survival Games 2
The Forest is not a successful title at the beginning

Set that aside, let's get in what's special about this game. The Forest is a horror survival game, telling the story of a survivor of a deadly plane crash. In this hostile exotic forest, you'll have to fight against a world full of cannibalistic creatures, while doing everything you can to survive and find a way out.

Apart from the survival elements, the game also gives you the stealthy experiences, in which you'll have to tackle the enemies with your mind instead of brute force!

3. Don't Starve

Don't Starve takes a completely different approach to survival with what The Forest does. While The Forest features a beautiful 3D-adventure with deadly cannibals, Don't Starve use 2D top-down perspective to craft the character's survival journey in all kinds of cartoonish horrors.

What's waiting for you in the dark is a range of surprising scientific and magical dangers. Some might find the visuals of Don't Starve a bit silly, it's a good selling point in the eyes of the developer. The game tells the story of Wilson - a scientist stuck in a new mysterious world. In order to find his way home, he needs to learn about the environment and the inhabitants here. Further exploring this world, you'll unravel the mystery that has pulled you into this madness.

In accordance with the strange story and graphics, it's survival mechanics are quite funny as well. You'll have to find foods and materials to build necessary items. However, the game will not give you any instructions or any clues. As a result, you'll have to try everything on your own to gain more experiences.

Top 5 Best Survival Games 3
The graphics of Don't Starve looks funnier rather than creepy

Fortunately, Don't Starve allows you to play with your friends, as you can form your village together in the follow-up of Don't Starve Together. I highly recommend giving the game a try with friends.

4. DayZ

There's a lot of survival games features a zombie apocalypse out there, but we chose DayZ as the most outstanding contestant. Like The Forest, DayZ used to struggle from a lot of pre-release awes. In fact, even at the moment, the game is very far from a complete game. Nevertheless, the developer is keeping on giving more updates to the game, making it more and more attracting after each update.

The most special thing about DayZ is that it supports the idea that zombies are not the only threat in this world. To be more specific, players will have to survive from both zombies and other players. At the same time, you can choose to play whatever you want to - form a gentle survivor to an aggressive dude that ready to steal everything from other survivors.

To cut the long story short, DayZ features an open-world where 60 players will join a server and try to survive as long as possible. In this post-apocalypse world, there's no save, no extra lives, and every mistake will lead to your true death.

Top 5 Best Survival Games 4
Every mistake matters in DayZ

If that scenario unfortunately happens, you'll have to start over from scratch again! To make the game even harder, there are no tips or in-game instructions for you, so you'll have to figure out everything on your own.

5. ARK: Survival Evolved

The last one in this list - ARK: Survival Evolved features the giant creatures from the prehistoric era - Dinosaurs! Saving the best for the last, ARK: Survival Evolved is a unique title for ones seeking for a new survival experience.

For example, you'll begin your journey with nothing in your inventory. From that moment, you will have to literally punch trees for woods and create more necessary items. Your objective at that time is very simple - somehow live through the night. Later on, as you successfully craft more items, you will move on to create more complex things. They include a bigger shelter, weapons and other items for taming purpose.

Top 5 Best Survival Games 5
Dinosaurs will be the main selling point that attracts survival aficionados

That's where the game starts to be very extraordinary. Specifically, you'll have chances to tame dinosaurs and make them your personal pets. The dinosaurs have a lot of function, from vehicles to deadly combat mounts that carry your loads of gun.


Here's our opinion on the top 5 best survival games so far. Nevertheless, more new games can come in the future, and we'll give you updates on the most outstanding them later.

But at the moment, hopefully, you have many great experiences enjoying those five games!