Finally, there's a good news for dinosaur aficionados! Path of Titans is the upcoming survival MMO game that allows you to be a real dinosaur!

The developer Alderon Games has announced the game's crowd-funding campaign, and it doesn't seem like a scam to me!

While you're considering whether to support this project or not, here's the 10-minute introductory video on the game!

About Path of Titans

Path of Titans will throw you back to the prehistoric period in the shoes of the Titans at that time - the Dinosaurs.

In this MMO game, you'll choose from a wide range of dinosaur to control and do everything to live. At the start, you can only choose one of the ten core dinosaurs. For example, you can take control of a Daspletosaurus (basically a T-Rex, only worse), or a Latenivenatrix (very similar to the lovely Raptors in Jurassic Park, but this one has more feathers).

Path Of Titans Crowd Funding Campaign 1
Not like Ark: Survival Series, Path of Titans allow you to play as a real dinosaur!

Your dinosaur will be put in a rich ecosystem in a vast environment. And you are not the only dinosaur here! You are just one of 200 players that also strive to survive in this world. That's when the most important things when it comes to survival kicks in- eating and drinking.

In order to survive, you'll have to search for water and edible plants. After that, it's time for hunting, as you can corporate with others to hunt your prey! The environment in this game is very detailed and realistic, to the point that you might not recognize that you're just playing in the CG world!

Path Of Titans Crowd Funding Campaign 2
Every detail in this game is very realistic

However, that's not the only thing fascinating in this game. Specifically, Path of Titans will give you various quests that highly reward on completion. You can receive the points to spend upgrading your dinosaur, more skins, and even new dinosaurs to control in the future.

Furthermore, your dinosaur is fully customizable! You can turn your prehistoric beasts to anything that you like. You can change the whole color of the dinosaur (I don't know whether pink is available yet), or you can just decide to apply the types of subtle markings on your skin. And to notice you, the skins of the dinosaurs are not just for cosmetic purpose only. Choosing a bright one might make you stand out from the whole blocks, but choosing a more dingy one will help you with your camouflage!

Path Of Titans Crowd Funding Campaign 3
You can customize your own dinosaur!

Support multiple platforms and modders!

Path of Titans seems to be very mindful and caring for its community. In fact, the game will support both PC and mobile when it launches. Additionally, players from both platforms can join the prehistoric world with each other through the game cross-play mechanics!

Path Of Titans Crowd Funding Campaign 5
Path of Titans supports cross-play between mobile and PC

And the modders are not left behind either. The developer will give out their own powerful modding kits for free, allowing modders to show their creativity. The kits also contain a very detailed documentary on how to use them, so don't worry that you just can't use a new strange tool!

Path Of Titans Crowd Funding Campaign 4
The developer will deliver its modding kits for free with instructions!

If there is a flaw in this game, it can only be the fact that Path of Titans will not be on Steam. The developer has chosen to deliver the game through its own launcher - Alderon Games Launcher.

Path Of Titans Crowd Funding Campaign 6
You can only download this game through Alderon Games Launcher

However, that's not a big deal for me, thus it also helps with providing an official portal for further mods in the future!

Estimated release date

Path of Titans is still under development and there is no official release date yet. In fact, it's still in its crowd-funding states!

However, with the campaign reaching 90% of its goals after a few days of launching, we won't have to worry that the game can't complete its funding goals.

Path Of Titans Crowd Funding Campaign 6
The game's funding campaign is almost succeeded after a few days

That doesn't mean you shouldn't pledge them some money! Show them some loves, and you will receive your own copy when the game released. The more money you give to the project, the more benefits you could gain with your copy. Specific information can be found on its IndieGoGo page here, which you should check for yourself!

The developer has planned to bring us this amazing game in February 2020. But with this funding pace, it's very likely that we will get our hand on Path of Titans much sooner!