Featuring the lonely woods, trees, and peaceful animals, it’s safe to say the Among Trees is a title dedicated to those who are tired of the bustle and noise from the city. This is a tranquil and relaxing game where you can find your peace (and some danger) among the trees.

Among Trees
Among Trees, by FJRD Interactive.

Survive in the beautiful forest

The settings might have said it all: you have to survive all by yourself in the lonesome woods. Everything is on the line as you need to build a cabin, find food and all that stuff. However, it’s definitely not the survival factor that makes the game a masterpiece.

Among Trees
Among Trees looks so stunning that sometimes you forget about its survival factor.

Soak in a majestic forest all by yourself and dive in an immensely vast environment. Enjoy it all, the amazing environment and resonant feelings you can’t find anywhere else. Of course, on top of that, try to stay alive while appreciating the world around you.

Among Trees feature impressive graphics

Among the many survival games out there on the market, Among Trees is clearly among those with the best visuals noticeable.

Among Trees
Visually speaking, there's hardly any survival game that can beat Among Trees.

However, don’t lose yourself in the middle of the forest that is full of mysteries. It’s important that you explore the forest, find woods for the cabin and find food for your chance of survival.

Don’t starve to death, don’t freeze to death and don’t mess up your cabin. Upgrade the wooden cabin, build rooms to unlock cooking, gardening, and crafting. No matter who you are, it’s never an easy job to stay alive in the harsh nature, despite how pretty it seems.

Among Trees
The forest is breathtaking, but you aren't alone here!

That being said, fans of beautiful graphics and survival game would not want to miss Among Trees. Although it’s still in pre-alpha phase, it’s possible to purchase Among Trees on Itch.io at the price of $19.99.

Don’t worry PC gamers, you can add it to your Steam wishlist and keep waiting!