Initially revealed this February, Haven has surprised gamers with its stunning looks. However, the short reveal video certainly didn't satisfy us, and we with many unanswered questions.

And now, The Game Bakers is back with a longer trailer showing a glimpse of its gameplay. You can watch it down here:

Haven is a game from the developer of Furi

Furi is a boss rush title that was released back in 2016. And with its beautifully animated visual and harmonizing soundtracks, players have certainly had a lot of expectations on its upcoming title - Haven.

According to the developer, Haven is "a very accessible RPG, a relaxing game". It tells the lovely story of a couple - Yu and Kay. Facing a lot of opposition on Earth, the couple chose to break out from that hostile planet to find their new lives. On the new planet, the couple will have to resolve the mystery behind the land.

Haven Reveals New Gameplay Trailer 1
Explore the mystery behind the lands to live happily together

And don't miss out on the romance here, as the couple will have chances to glide on the glass hand-in-hand in the sunset glow. I don't know about you, but it's definitely a better story than Twilight for me!

Haven Reveals New Gameplay Trailer 9
Still better than Twilight!

Play with your beloved ones

In Haven, you can enjoy the beautiful visuals and the love story on your own. That's a great deal for the "Forever Alone" because it's a disaster for them if the game requires two people to play.

Haven Reveals New Gameplay Trailer 6
You can go solo with this game

However, the second players can get in the game at literally any time, turning the solo touching experience into the romantic couple experience. Just imagine holding your girlfriend's hand in real life and in the game at the same time! With Haven, maybe video games might not be the reasons behind break-ups anymore!

Haven Reveals New Gameplay Trailer 3
Invite your girlfriend to your house now!

Romantic as the game is, you shouldn't play it with one hand at every time. It's a story-driven game, but it's also an action RPG. The game features unique combat mechanics, in which you can fighting with two characters at the same time. Both players can chain their attacks to deliver the most powerful blows of love!

Haven Reveals New Gameplay Trailer 5
Harmonizing attacks are the deadliest

Proudly speaking about its gameplay, Emeric Thoa - Haven's creative director has demonstrated:

"Haven is kind of the lovechild of Journey meets Persona."

If that doesn't trigger your curiosity, I don't know what does!

Supported platforms

We don't know when the game will come out officially yet, but many outlets have inferred that Haven is due to release on 2020.

Haven Reveals New Gameplay Trailer 2
Haven may come out in 2020

The game supports a wide range of devices at launch, including PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.