Sent to find a missing billionaire on a remote island, you find yourself in a cannibal-infested hellscape. Craft, build, and struggle to survive, alone or with friends, in this terrifying new open-world survival horror simulator.

So far there are 28 achievements as of alpha. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase how to 100% all achievements in Son of the forest. It is best that you unlock some of these achievements now before the devs add more requirements.

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Son Of The Forest 

Survival Achievements - Grindy

SURVIVOR: Survive Day 1

You'll get this achievement as the night ends on Day 1. You can cheese these achievements by spamming sleep, just do it near a river and with some spare food so you can keep your stats up.
This achievement can be a little buggy, so if you're not getting one when you should, re-logging seems to fix it.



NEVER GOING HOME: Survive Day 50

TRADESMAN: Build a structure with over 50 logs

The easiest thing to build is just a long consecutive log wall. If you're not a fan of building you can cheese this one as well. Take 2 logs, place them on the ground horizontally, take them back with C (by default), and put them back; repeat the same thing 500 times for the 1000 logs achievement.

CONTRACTOR: Build a structure with over 100 logs

ARCHITECT: Build a structure with over 500 logs

CITY PLANNER: Build a structure with over 1000 logs

BADGER: Dig 100 holes.

To get the shovel, first, you need the rebreather and zipline from the caves. Then using those you find the shovel in another cave. Dig areas can be found using your GPS (M); it's a dot with a concentric circle around it. The first one you can find is just up the river from your spawn point. Some gravestones can be dug up too, but not all of them will have a GPS waypoint. It should be noted that each successful motion of the shovel counts as one hole, so it's not nearly as grindy as the name suggests.

I LIKE BLISTERS: Dig 1000 holes

THIS CANT BE HEALTHY: Drink 50 cans of Fi-Z

You find these in crates and around abandoned camps, so do some exploring. There are a lot in the key carded locked area of the printer cave, so you could log out and in over and over here to force them to respawn if you want to get this one quick.

I DREAM OF SUSHI: Eat 20 raw fish

Fish can be found in the numerous freshwater springs and ponds around the island. You can spear-hunt them, or set up a fish trap out of 20 sticks to catch some passively. You can also order Kelvin to catch fish.

COLLECTOR: Pickup 50 Drogue watches

Watches can be found in facilities and crates around the map. This achievement seems to be bugged currently.

1%: Collect $1000

Coin piles and dollar bills can be found around abandoned camps, and occasionally around the humans on spikes. A lot of these regenerate too, so be sure to double check camps and cave entrances you've been to before. The keycard door in the Printer Cave leads to a club with a significant amount of money.

Survival Achievements - Collection & Crafting

Son Of Forest Head
Collection & Crafting

FASHIONISTA: Own every piece of clothing

FOODIE: Eat one of each type of edible food in the game.

There are 37 things you need to eat for the achievement.

MAKER: Print one of every item

To print things, you need printer resin which can be found in crates at abandoned campsites, points of interest, and various facilities in caves. Here is everything I have printed so far. This achievement is currently bugged.

MC CRAFTY: Craft all weapons

You need to craft several weapon types. Attachments to weapons don't count for this achievement.

DYNAMO: Wear a full set of Tech Armor

Tech mesh can be made from 250ml of printer resin. You must then combine one tech mesh with 1 wire, 1 tape, 1 circuit board, and 1 battery to make one piece of armor. You have to do this 10 times for a full set of tech armor, so it is quite expensive. As of alpha, you can quit and re-log into your world and the items will respawn, so if you do this in the printer cave you're guaranteed between 100-300 printer resin. It's a little tedious, but faster than finding enough exploring. Here's what the full set of armor looks like:

Survival Achievements - Followers & MP

CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD: Reach maximum sentiment with Virginia

Virginia can be found wandering along the main water bodies of the island. I first encountered her by following the river up from the beach spawn point to a large pond with a waterfall. Start by having her in your eye line and not spooking her off, and make sure if you're attacked around her you don't accidentally hit her. Over time she gets used to your presence, and will even bring you gifts. Sometimes she will beckon you and bring you to a nearby item, like the stun baton, and give you a thumbs up when you pick it up. It takes around 22 thumbs-up events to reach max sentiment.

TRUSTED: Become a trusted player in a multiplayer game

You have to join a non-friends only game hosted by someone else, and they have to change your status to 'trusted'. To do this, hit esc, then players. Pick the person currently in your world who needs the achievement and flip from 'guest' to 'trusted'. If someone lets you get the achievement, then you should reciprocate, it's really fast to do.

EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE: Give a GPS locator to Virginia

See 'CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD' to find Virginia. The GPS locator can be found in the raft at the ocean where all the rivers flow, or at any other purple exclamation mark on your map. It is on the body, but be careful because a shark will start circling you when you climb aboard. Once Virginia trusts you enough to approach you and not run, you can give her items. You'll know you've reached this stage of trust because she'll usually shyly approach with a gift. Once she's comfortable staying around you, give her a GPS and the achievement will pop.

Survival Achievements - Enemies

Sons Of The Forest Early Access Review 7

SUCKER FOR PUNISHMENT: Get kicked by a heavy cannibal 5 times

The heavy cannibal is pictured below. Get a little bit of distance from him, let him run at you and as he does, walk towards him. He will Sparta kick you back. Do this 5 times for the achievement, but be careful because he sometimes swings, and inflicts heavy damage with his club.

NEED A BIGGER BOAT: Get killed by a shark

Follow any river flowing downward and it will lead you to the beaches. Simply swim out into the deeper water, especially around the lifepod, and a shark will kill you in no time. If you start a single-player world for this, you may get the beach spawn in which case you could get this achievement in about one minute. Be careful though, you'll drown faster than you'll die at full health from a shark. You may want to weaken yourself first.

PINATA: Blow up a Sluggy

Sluggy is an abomination of legs, limbs, and flesh that can be found trapped in walls in caves. Many times, you will find time bombs nearby. Simply throw on at the ground in front of Sluggy to clear the path through the cave, and unlock this achievement.

Note: I've done this twice in my own playthrough with timebombs, and the achievement did not unlock, so it may be kind of buggy. Using a grenade worked for me.

Story Achievements

KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE: Complete the story with all friendly NPCs still alive

In order to get this achievement, you need to finish the game with both Kelvin and Virginia alive and on good terms. Kelvin is easy, just don't abuse him and keep him safe from cannibals. Virginia's trust is harder to earn, but once she's comfortable around you and giving you gifts you can get this achievement. In my world, I suspected she was dead cause I hadn't seen her in almost 20 in-game days, but I still got this achievement.

FOUGHT DEMONS: Leave the Island

I recommend making a save in the magma chamber so you can do both versions of the ending back to back easily. The beginning of it is the same, but when you're faced with the choice, enter the helicopter.

FIGHT DEMONS: Stay on the Island

In the deep magma chamber, you will approach a final crevice to squeeze through. This will trigger a cut scene, which varies depending on if your NPCs are alive and trusting of you. At the end of the cut scene you have a choice. Go on the helicopter with Mr. Puffington, or turn around and pick up the pack to stay on the island. For this achievement, go pick up the pack.

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