Endnight Games is the indie developer that only consists of four people, but with some kinds of magic, they've successfully debuted with their first title 'The Forest'. It's a beautiful first-person horror game with the visuals of a triple-A game and intriguing story even with an old concept.

The Forest is a huge success in 2018, and at The Game Awards 2019 recently, the developer is very excited to announce its sequel namely Sons of The Forest to come for PC in 2020. It will follow exactly the same route that The Forest has walked on, bringing a brand new survival-horror experience but with improved graphics and a new story.

Below is the trailer of the game - which is also the only source of information we have about the game so far. So, let's have a look to find out which kind of horror is waiting for you:

Overview on Sons of The Forest

Sons of The Forest follows mostly the same concept as its prequel, as it will bring players to the same haunting forest again. The trailer gives us some look at its story, as a man with a 'Fight Demon' tattoos on his right arm suddenly fall into a sticky situation. His plane crashes, but fortunately, he's still alive in a strange forest that he doesn't know exactly where he is.

Sons Of The Forest Tga 2019 Revealed 1
Is it only a coincident?

Lucky for the guy that this time, he will not have to survive here alone, as other passengers - who look like military combatants is also there as well. They've no other choice than exploring the vast landscape, finding the necessary resources to keep living and find a way to get out.

However, deep inside the forest are a bunch of ghoul-like mutant creatures that are more than ready to consume their flesh. The trailer's music with the four-hand girl-ish creatures wriggling is very obsessing, promise an extremely eerie journey that you'll have to go through.

Sons Of The Forest Tga 2019 Revealed 2
The most obsessing scene in the trailer

Gameplay features

The trailer doesn't give us much useful information about Sons of The Forest, but it's very likely to follow the same approach of an open-world horror survival game. Players will take control of the main protagonist in the first-person perspective, and survive in this haunted woods while revealing the mystery behind it.

To be more specific, the survival tasks include chopping trees to stay warm at night and build your temporary shelter, gathering food and set up traps to keep you safe from unexpected threats. When the day comes, you'll be quite safe to make your adventure, but before that, you'll have to craft some of protecting items like weapons or tools from sticks and stones.

Sons Of The Forest Tga 2019 Revealed 3
Follow your friends to find food and shelter

Once you encounter the mutant inhabitants, you can choose a suitable approach for each battle. You can go stealth and strike them from the back, or can just go in with brute force and equipment to chop them down.

Sons Of The Forest Tga 2019 Revealed 5
Going all-in is definitely not suitable for every situation

We don't know in detail which horror is hiding in the forest yet, but from the hand of the former Harry Potter and Snow White movie animator, its visual quality will be out of this world, especially if you're able to play the game with VR devices.

Sons Of The Forest Tga 2019 Revealed 4
Just imagine seeing all of these in VR

Release date and supported platforms

Sons of the Forest will head to PC via Steam, but the developer Endnight Games hasn't given us any specific release date yet.

Stay tuned for further information coming in the future!