Horror games from the same developers or the same franchise often connect with each other, and The Alien Cube also follows this approach. It's the Lovecraftian horror brainchild from the independent developer - Alessandro Guzzo, following what his previous titles - The Land of Pain have dropped.

The Land of Pain was highly regarded back at its release date for its short but collective story told in the immersive music and hauntingly beautiful visuals. And with The Alien Cube, the developer is going to do the same thing that brought him success last time, but with a twist in the story and several improvements in his CRYENGINE using skills.

Below is the eerie trailer of the game, and you can have a look before getting into details of what will happen in The Alien Cube:

The story of The Alien Cube

The Alien Cube takes the settings of the world in the late 90s, in which you will take you to the role of Arthur - the nephew of The Land of Pain's main protagonist. Despite his uncle's mysterious past, Arthur is living his solitary life, until something strange comes across him. It's a strange object that came from an alien world, and the moment you pick it up, your life is going to change forever.

The Alien Cube Free Demo 6
Your life change completely at the moment you find that strange item

Your vision started to change from the human world to a strange dreadful one. It turns out he was taken to an alternative forbidden world, and you'll have to explore it step-by-step to find a way back. However, this world has more things than just darkness, as a terrifying mystery is waiting for you ahead, which might open up about the mystery behind his uncle's past.

Gameplay features

CRYENGINE has always been on par with Unreal Engine when it comes to visuals, and The Alien Cube is the perfect example. The nightmarish world in this game is very detailed with many kinds of environment, including ancient buildings, shadowed dungeons, snowy forests and many more.

The Alien Cube Free Demo 3
The Alien Cube takes you through multiple biomes

The developer has portrayed those visuals through photogrammetry technology - basically, help devs make the world via pictures of real-life objects. Hence, you can expect the environment in this game to have amazing qualities that are closest to what we see in real life.

The Alien Cube Free Demo 1
The images in this game feel like real-life images

Hiding in the shadow of these places are dangers ready to jump out in the least expected times. Your highest priority here is to stay alive while discovering eerie places, searching for items to gain clues about the mystery. There are also some quite challenging puzzles (mostly due to the horrifying atmosphere) that you'll have to solve while feeling your heartbeat raising.

The Alien Cube Free Demo 4
Solve puzzles, find items and stay alive!

With beautiful visuals, immersive soundtrack and creepy exploration experience, The Alien Cube will be a perfect follow-up to The Land of Pain.

Release date

The Alien Cube didn't have a specific release date yet, but it will come out in early 2020. But if you're too curious about its story, there's a free demo of the game available on Steam now. It will lead you through the first minutes of the original game, as well as bring you through several dark places in the other world that Arthur was stuck in.

The Alien Cube Free Demo 2
Explore the mystery to find out how these two games connected

At the same time, The Land of Pain is also under a 70% discount to celebrate this demo. So, if you're interested in the previous part, don't forget to check it out. Steam Winter Sale is seeing a lot of great games with a stealing price, which you can check for information in our wrap-up here.