The first time Spellbreak came into the light, I've been so crazy about this brand new game. Adding magic into every aspect of a battle royale game, Spellbreak is the new fresh wind to the saturated market.

And now, we probably won't have to just stay away and watch the game any longer, as the developer Proletariat is introducing the first Closed Beta stage of Spellbreak. In order to celebrate this event, Proletariat also dropped a brand new trailer, featuring a breath-taking magical fight. You can see it for yourself below:

Fight as the battlemage in Spellbreak

Battle royale games come in all shapes and sizes, but Spellbreak is the best among all other titles that make use of magic. First revealed in October last year, this game is a triple-A fantasy battle royale game. To be more specific, instead of looting guns and shoot down other survivors, you'll blow them up with your magical attacks.

You probably tell how this game's mechanic will work through the trailer, but here are the official details from Proletariat. You can have totally two gauntlets, each can unleash magical attacks with distinctive elements. The element in this game varies from Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Poison and many more.

Spellbreak Introduced Its Closed Beta With A Gorge
You can hold two gauntlets with different elements at the same time (see the UI in the bottom left corner)

For example, the Fire Gauntlet can shoot fireballs, while the Poison one can spray poison. Each element will have different side effects which are very handy in certain situations, such as slowing your enemies down or getting you to higher places.

Spellbreak Introduced Its Closed Beta With A Gorge
The elements will have side effects apart from their damage outputs

Furthermore, you can make a combination attack using both of your gauntlets. The trailer gives you a quick look at how the girl uses the lightning-ice combo, and there will surely be more combos that you can do with your magic as well. There isn't much information about this feature at this moment, so we'll have to rely on our luck to get into the closed beta.

Last but not least, Spellbreak allows you to choose from a pool of characters, each has their distinctive skills. The armored man in the trailer has the ability to run super-fast, for example. In tandem with the elements and the combination, these skills will be the key to turn the outcome of the battles.

Spellbreak Introduced Its Closed Beta With A Gorge
Each character has a special ability to turn the whole fight

Closed Beta available to register now

If you're feeling really hype after reading our preview, you can try your luck to get the chance to get into the fight between the battlemages early. It's very simple: head to Spellbreak's official page, fill in your email address and discord username. And then, all you have to do is waiting for your chance to come.

Alongside this announcement, the developer Proletariat also revealed the roadmap for this beta stage. Gradually, it will bring many new features to the game, including a new game mode, new classes, and new builds, as well as a mastery to show how experienced you are as a battlemage. And of course, they'll collect testers' feedbacks and further polish the game's animation and control, too.

Spellbreak Introduced Its Closed Beta With A Gorge
The more feedback you give, the faster the game will come out officially

But if you're really bad at RNG and want to secure your spot, there are several Founder Pack that you can purchase. They all give you access to the early access stages of the game in the future and comes with exclusive rewards at the game's official launch.

You can check those pack in the picture below:

Spellbreak Introduced Its Closed Beta With A Gorge
Information on three Founder Packs of Spellbreak

Are you ready to put your gauntlets on and blow some enemies up?