The reference of a Square Enix employee on LinkedIn has dropped the hint that Square Enix has turned the wheel on a triple-A game for PS5 (PlayStation 5).

1542295561 Squareenix
The reference of a Square Enix employee on LinkedIn revealed the development of PlayStation 5

Accident evidence about PS5

It has been 5 years since the release of PlayStation 4 so that any suggestion and rumor related to it can stir up public attention. Recently, Tomohiro Tokoro, a 3D character model lead artist at Luminous Productions has updated his LinkedIn profile, though quickly removed it later. However, user "nolifebr" on ResetEra has nimbly grabbed a screenshot of that reference. As refer to his work credits, a new AAA title for PS5 has already under development as a Sony's next-gen console.

Luminous Productions Tabata
Luminous Productions, a small branch of Square Enix, run by Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy XV director

Other supporting proofs

In addition, Luminous Productions is a new-established studio, belonging to Square Enix. However, recently, Hajime Tabata, Final Fantasy XV director, in charge of developing AAA games has left both Luminous and Square. His departure from the film has led to the cancellation of three in-development DLC episodes. Furthermore, Square Enix has to set a different direction to Luminous, re-focusing on a new triple-A title. In particular, in a statement around Tabata’s departure case, the studio announced to form a strategic partnership with Tencent to work on a new intellectual property.

Square Enix Tencent
Square Enix website announced that the company formed a strategic partnership with Tencent in developing new AAA titles

Moreover, Sony recently confirmed working on the next-generation console. Last month, Sony President Kenichiro Yoshida though haven not revealed or confirmed any information, claimed that "it's necessary" to the upcoming hardware. Thus, it makes sense for us to believe in the upcoming debut of PS5.

All in all, although the publish date of PS5 is still under questions, we can almost say for certain that Square Enix has turned their wheels on PlayStation 5 at this time.