E3 2019 has finally arrived, and with it, we’ve got our first look at the gameplay of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It basically plays like God of War, albeit with lightsabers and a little bit of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice added into the mix. As former Padawan Cal Kestis, players will be leaping, wall-running, slashing, and Force pushing their way through the forces of the Galactic Empire. They’ll also have an Android companion called BD-1 to help them out, providing healing items and unlocking shortcuts when needed.

A new trailer shown at E3

Everything looks incredibly promising so far, which has got many fans of the Star Wars franchise excited for Fallen Order’s release, which is still several months away. Here is everything we know about the game so far.

It is due this November

Electronic Arts has officially confirmed that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is coming out on November 15 this year, so it won’t be too much longer before you can get your hands on it. A lot of other games are going to be announced at E3 too, so the last couple of months of this year are no doubt going to be quite busy.

The story

The little while back we got a story trailer for the game, which introduced us to the protagonist Cal Kestis - a former Padawan who is trying to avoid the attention of the Empire. But of course, things never work out as planned in these types of games, and Kestis found himself caught in between the Jedi-killing Purge Troopers and the Imperial Inquisition. In case you missed it, check out the trailer right below:

Respawn Entertainment claimed that this trailer was made using in-game assets, even though the footages weren’t directly taken from the game itself. As a result, many fans were curious to see what the game would look like in action.

The actual gameplay of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a delight

That curiosity was at long last satisfied at E3 2019, where a 13-minute-long gameplay footage was showcased. Throughout the video, we get to follow the footsteps of Cal Kestis as he infiltrates a facility of the Empire on Kashyyyk, the home planet of the Wookiee. "Infiltrating" in this case involves a lot of jumping, slicing, and using Force powers. We also get an extensive look at the combat, which appears to be quite melee-focused and features a posture system similar to what we see in From Software’s recent game Sekiro.

The official gameplay reveal

The game is confirmed for PC, PS4, Xbox One, but not for Switch

The game has been officially confirmed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so you’ll have a variety of options. The developer has not said anything about platform-exclusive content at the moment, so we have reasons to hope that the experience will be mostly the same regardless of what platform you play on. Nothing is mentioned of a Switch version either, so don’t count on that happening any time soon.

Your lightsaber grows with you

It seems that Cal Kestis will start the game without a lightsaber, but he’ll find a nearly broken one (maybe the one we see in the early teaser) relatively early on. As you progress, you probably get to repair and upgrade it, increasing its power and maybe even unlocking more moves as well.

Rumor Combat System Like Sekiro For Star Wars Jedi
Cal Kestis will find a nearly-broken lightsaber at the beginning, and will probably fix and upgrade it as the game goes on

We might get an Imperial Inquisitor for a boss

Among the ranks of the Empire, Cal Kestis will have a particular nemesis: the Second Sister of the Order of Inquisitors (a character that appeared briefly in the 19th issue of the Darth Vader comics series). Formerly a member of the Jedi Order but has now fallen to the Dark Side, the Second Sister wields a double-bladed spinning lightsaber and is very powerful with the Force. If Cal does end up having a showdown against her, it’ll be a tough one indeed.

Star Wars Jedi Boss
The Second Sister wielding a double-bladed lightsaber