An Australian PUBG pro player called James ‘TGLTN’ Giezen in Twitch has made an epic performance 1v3 while driving a car. Many fans, therefore, call him the ‘next Shroud’ – a popular PUBG pro player with super excellent skill.

About the 'Next Shroud'

TGLTN is a pro player of Susquehanna Soniqs PUBG Team in North America. He and his team have played in the National PUBG League (NPL). Thus, this player does not only have excellent individual PUBG skills but also lots of competitive chances. He has competed with the best PUBG players in his region and country.

Tgltn Next Shroud On Twitch Pubg
TGLTN - Next Shroud On Twitch

Currently, this player is working as a full-time streamer on Twitch streaming platform. His videos of PUBG highlights, such as shooting while driving attract lots of viewers. Moreover, because this streamer looks pretty alike the famous PUBG Streamer ‘Shroud’, lots of fans call him ‘next Shroud’.

TGLTN posted many PUBG Highlights on his Twitch channel, especially amazing shooting while driving performances. However, his recent video of 1v3 combat while driving makes lots of viewers drop their jaw.

Kill Enemy While Driving Car
Kill Enemy While Driving A Car

PUBG Highlights of TGLTN

In a solo match in Vikendi, this player consecutively shot and killed three enemies within only 15 seconds while driving. After he had uploaded this amazing action scene on Twitch, fans called him the ‘Next Shroud’ of Twitch.  

Another highlight is avoiding a car crash. When TGLTN was shooting at a distanced enemy with his Mini-14 attached with 8x scope, a car run furiously to him. TGLTN jumped and avoid the car accident as cool as cucumber. Then, he chased, shot at the car, and killed the enemy with a couple of bullets.

Another Tgltns Highlight
Another TGLTN's Highlight

His playing style, gaming skills, and reactions to combats are pretty similar to Shroud’s. Lots of fans wish to see him play in upcoming PUBG tournaments. Although he doesn’t participate in the PUBG Global Championship currently, fans still keep their eyes on him and expect other fantastic plays he will do.