Earlier today, the stylish rhythm game 'AVICII Invector' has received its release date on PC and Consoles - which is on December 10th, 2019. This game was a project of Avicii himself from when he was still alive - with the first version of the game released on PS4 a while ago.

According to the developers, this game was created as a joint project with the Sweedish DJ Tim 'Avicii' Bergling, and then with his family members to honor Avicii after his tragic passing in 2018. AVICII Invector will feature the 25 biggest hits of Avicii and fusing his music with beautiful visual - to provide the fans with a new way to enjoy Avicii's music.

This game is the tribute to Avicii's music career

Avicii - along with being a great EDM artist - was also known as a lifelong gamer, and this game is his devoted project for almost two years. In this game, you will control the space pilot Stella, riding her ship form one world to another, hitting the music notes along the way. Also, there are 3 different difficulties that you can choose: easy, normal, and hard.

You can see the trailer of the game in the video below:

AVICII Invector Trailer

According to the development team at Wired Productions and Hello There Games, a part of the game's revenue will go directly to The Tim Bergling Foundation, which was created after Avicii's passing to raise awareness about suicide and mental health issues.

Invector Screen 08 Ps4 Us 08dec17
A screenshot from the game

The upcoming release of the game will follow the Avicii Tribute Concert in Stockholm, this December 5th. Along with the PC and Xbox One version, the PS4 version will also receive an update that features new content and visual enhancements.

AVICII Invector will be released on December 1oth, 2019, on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Meanwhile, a Nintendo Switch version of the game is also in development and expected to be released in Spring 2020.