Sayonara Wild Hearts – a euphoric dream of a music video is launching towards Apple Arcade, PS4 and Switch later this month, on Sep 19th.

According to Simogo – the studio that worked on exceptional projects like Beat Sneak Bandit, Device 6 and Year Walk, Sayonara Wild Hearts is an action-packed title that feels exciting and inviting with the thrill factor.

Check out the game trailer below:


Sayonara Wild Hearts stars a woman who has spirited to a totally different world full of euphoric pop and neon lights. In fact, the title is all about being awesome! Go skateboarding, ride motorcycles, dance battling, wield swords, shoot lasers and have fun at 200 mph.

Sayonara Wild Hearts
Sayonara Wild Hearts is all about shooting lasers and having fun at a crazy high speed.

As the young woman had a broken heart, it disturbed the universe’s original balance. Within her dream, a diamond butterfly showed up and led her up towards the sky, where she met her alternate self: a masked biker named The Fool.

From there, they travel through futuristic-like cities, electric deserts and dark forests. The Fool gradually seeks the universe’s harmony, traveling across the Little Death, Howling Moons, Dancing Devils, Hermit 64 and Stereo Lovers.

Sayonara Wild Hearts
Sayonara Wild Hearts, by developer Simogo and publisher Annapurna Interactive.

Key Features

Sayonara Wild Hearts features a unique vocal pop soundtrack that was custom-written. The game is like a pop culture mash where electric pop, anime, fashion, dance, subcultures, and arcade games meet.

Sayonara Wild Hearts
Sayonara Wild Hearts feels like a mix of everything within a single game.

In addition, Sayonara Wild Hearts has an amazing collection of stylish characters, inspired by tarot cards. Meanwhile, the gameplay is very intense and challenging, yet still extremely inviting to play. Each stage features brand-new elements that would delight and surprise you at the same time.

Sayonara Wild Hearts
The game isn't easy, yet it's very appealing to play.

Regarding the game’s performance, it feels overloaded with tons of arcade actions. Moreover, Sayonara Wild Hearts a butter-smooth gameplay of 1080p/60 FPS docked. For Switch, it is playable on 720p/60 FPS as well. Last but not least, the game has pretty much no loading time, letting you get straight to the actions with no delay.

All in all, watch out for the official release of the game. With Apple Arcade, it will be playable via iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV as well. Hopefully, we'll get to see PC and Xbox One versions of the game in the near future.