Any of you here feel sick of EDM tracks? If you do, No Straight Roads is the perfect game for you to defeat the annoying things that keep echoing in your ears.

The developer Metronomik has announced the cast for its musical action-adventure title, and also release a new trailer to prime up for Tokyo Game Show 2019. You can see it below:

The background story of No Straight Roads

No Straight Roads takes the settings of the neon city named Vinyl City - a fictional world where the corrupted EDM empire - NSR has taken over (feel familiar?). Previously, people can freely play any kind of music that they want, but the NSR has come and forced the citizens to only play EDM.

No Straight Roads Is A Rare Musical Game Which Doe
The city needs to escape from NSR's reign

Therefore, you'll take control of the two daredevil heroes - Mayday - the electric guitarist and Zuke - the groovy drum player to stand against the empire. With the power of rock music, you two will defeat the dominance of electrical dance music (EDM for short), and bring a huge revolution to this city. In order to do that, they'll have to defeat the final boss - Tatiana.

No Straight Roads Is A Rare Musical Game Which Doe
I like how the protagonists describe their enemies through songs!

Their journey is not going to be easy, as Tatiana is very powerful and has her own army alongside her. However, for the sake of music, the EDM empire needs to be stopped, and this job lies on the hand of the two free souls!

Gameplay overview

As I have mentioned, No Straight Road is a vibrant 3D action-adventure game in which music plays a very important part. To be more specific, you will take control of one character - either Mayday and Zuke, and the remaining one will be your partner. However, you can switch from them at any time you want, so choosing your hero at first is not too significant.

No Straight Roads Is A Rare Musical Game Which Doe
Meet the rock duo - Mayday (right) and Zuke (left)

To remind you, the director of this game and also the co-founder of Metronomik is Wan Hazmer. If you haven't heard of this name, he's actually the lead designer of Final Fantasy XV. Considering how splendid he has done with the characters in Final Fantasy XV, you can expect the visuals of Mayday and Zuke to be very beautiful.

Later on, the amazing rock duo will head down the streets of Vinyl City to complete their quest of overthrowing the EDM empire. The game is somewhat narrative-driven, so you won't be able to travel that "freely" in the city. However, when it comes to fighting, you can control the character to your will completely.

No Straight Roads Is A Rare Musical Game Which Doe
You don't need to be good at rhythm to play this game

You can move, dodge and attacks at any time, but you might want to consider feeling the music while fighting. After all, this is still a musical game, so your enemies will hit you in accordance to the beat. Therefore, you can get through the whole game with your instinct and reflexes, but it's better if you're feeling the music.

In short, No Straight Roads doesn't require you to be good at rhythm, but it will be easier if you do so.

The cast includes a lot of famous voice actors

In order to gain some media coverage before attending Tokyo Game Show 2019, the developer has released a new trailer, showcasing the voice of some Japanese actors that will take part in this game. You can see it right here:

Let's speak about the main protagonists first. For Mayday, Ayane Sakura will co-voice the cheerful guitarist. If her name's not familiar enough, Sakura-san actually lent her voice in various famous anime, including Psycho-Pass and My Hero Academia.

Furthermore, Jun Fukuyama will also join his voice in as Zuke. Many of Persona 5 might find his voice very familiar, as he's actually Joker. Additionally, he has also starred in the epic projects, for example, Code Geass and Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

No Straight Roads Is A Rare Musical Game Which Doe
The Japanese voice of Mayday and Zuke will come from famous seiyuus!

With those outstanding names, I can already imagine how crowded No Straight Roads booth will be!

No Straight Roads is due out in early 2020, and it will show up at Tokyo Game Show 2019. If you somehow end up here, don't forget to give it a look!