The lights in the studio are all dimmed. Meanwhile, an enormous eagle is dropping groups of adorable animals with umbrellas onto a small island paradise. Welcome to Super Animal Royale, one of the very first nature shows to feature machine guns. Choose your beloved animal and the cuddly carnage will begin! This is a multiplayer top-down survival shooter in which up to 64 players can participate in a match. Designed to be charming but also very skillful in combats, these Super Animals have enough cuteness that you just want to hug them but they are also deadly enough to become your worst nightmare.

Super Animal Royale Early Access Trailer

You can pick your favorite animal from a variety of options from kitties, foxes, pandas to many other kinds of bloodthirsty beasts. You will parachute into an area full of ruins of an abandoned safari park and must try to survive a fatal barrage of explosives, bullets, and also silly dancing.

Super Animal Royale Screenshot Dec 2

The gameplay is carefully balanced between run and gun combined with a fog of war system full of intuition that restricts the vision of players to the line of sight, which allows strategic and sneaky play. Matches only last around six minutes, therefore you won’t ever be out of action for way too long. Discover a stunning 2D world which was inspired by the classic games of the top-down adventure genre.

Super Animal Royale Demo Gameplay

Cut off tall grass as well as loot abandoned building for explosives, guns as well as health juice. Those are the necessities you may need to be able to be on top of the food chain. Right from the Early Access, the game already features more than 50 kinds of animal to study and unlock right in the laboratory. There are also more than 100 cosmetic items for you to earn, so you can customize each Super Animal to your own liking.

Super Animal Royale Screenshot Dec 1

The game is currently in Early Access stage on Steam following an extensive Beta with the competitive price of 909.42 INR ($12.99 USD).