Thanks to the simple fun of Super Mario Bros, Nintendo earned a 40.2 million in sale in just 1985 alone. Over the years, many players committing to beat the game as quickly as possible has made it more interesting. Just a few days ago, a gamer called Kosmicd12 managed to beat the game in just 4 minutes and 55.913 seconds and set a new world record which is just less than one second faster compared the previous record.

super mario

Kosmic, a Twitch streamer who mostly focuses on speedrunning Mario game series, successfully pulled off something that many people would not think possible earlier this week. After he tied with the last world record of 4:56.245, he still kept trying to beat the current record — and successfully did it, shocking Mario fans as he was the first player to ever finish the game under 4:56.

Those who followed a livestream of Kosmic's Super Mario Bros. run on Twitch call his run an incredible achievement, a record that will probably stay at one of the greatest records. The special thing about this is not the new record but it is Kosmic practice with an untested shortcut for half an hour and he then successfully executed it in a single try.

The 1-2 glitch helped him to break through to the top record. According to many speedrunners, the glitch requires incredible precision to execute; it is extremely difficult to do the trick without the help of tool-assisted runs. He had to jump into a pipe to quickly get into a war zone. Along with other glitches, he could save an extra 0.35 seconds with it. It all depends on the frame rules of the game as it stipulates how many frames it takes to perform particular actions and how many time you can save with glitches. You can see how it works in the below video: