Valve has been teasing a brand-new redesign of Steam for some years now. From the past, all we’ve seen are just a few irregular tweets from the employees and some leaks confirming it. Go back to January, Valve gathered a lot of game developers and put up a presentation on Steam as well as its redesign. The creator of SteamDB, Pavel Djundik, has recently posted on Twitter showing what apparently appears to be from the presentation.

From the tweet, he said: “Just remembered that Valve’s been working on a Steam redesign for years now. Here’s a picture from a presentation in January. It certainly doesn’t look like the SteamU leak from 2 years ago.” And here’s the slide he posted:


It seems a bit mixed up, showing screenshots from Rainbow Six Siege around an old update post. It’s not easy to judge and give analysis since it’s just a cropped slide. Unfortunately, we cannot see the overall picture of Steam but we can tell that it looks quite similar to what Valve showed us in June. Yes, the redesign looks quite like the homepages from the developer and the publisher. Therefore, out best guess is that Valve’s already making progress with their ideas for the Steam redesign. Especially, it doesn’t look like what we’ve found in the client beta of Steam in 2017.

The SteamU leak we found back in Jan 2017.

Those leaks appeared at the top and featured sections for TV and comics as well as a homepage for The Phantom Pain chapter of Metal Gear Solid 5. We clearly have no idea what will it look like a year after.

The SteamU leak we found back in Jan 2017.

Furthermore, Valve has also been developing its new games after The Lab back in 2016. With the DOTA Card Game Artifact coming tomorrow, Valve states that they’re going to invest and focus on games once again. Gabe Newell himself revealed that Artifact is just the start and several games are coming from Valve too. That's definitely some good news. The fan-favorite game publisher is starting to publish games again!