The debate to find out what is the better battle royale title between PUBG and Fortnite has been going on for far too long. We have seen a lot of analyzing articles to compare PUBG and Fortnite (a bit more than we need), so how about seeing the topic via memes. Memes have long been one of the best things on the internet, and they are the reason for a lot of people to keep going online.

As the debate between PUBG and Fortnite started long ago, the fans of these two games have been making a lot of memes about this topic as well. So we have gathered here ten best memes to show you the differences between Fortnite and PUBG. Some memes may make you want you to turn on Fortnite and play, while some will make you feel hungry for that iconic chicken dinner. But at the end of the day, we just hope these memes will give you a good laugh.

Without keeping you waiting any longer, down here are the memes:

10: The reputations of PUBG vs Fortnite

Pubg Vs Fortnite Media
It is clear that Fortnite always gains more attention that the classic battle royale title

9: Who is copying who?

Fornite Copied Pubg
Who is copying who?

8: The crafting mechanics 

Fornite Vs Pubg Crafting
It is obvious that Fortnite crafting mechanics is no where near real life crafting mechanics

7: Vehicles in the games:

Fortnite Vs Pubg Closing Circle
Although Fortnite has unrealistic mechanics, this game has no car; while PUBG has a lot of cars

6: The power-ups system 

Fornite Vs Pubg Power Ups
Both games have crazily unrealistic power-ups system, and that's why we love them

5: Outfit in the games

Pubg Vets Vs Fortnite Cosplay
The outfit of the game maybe the feature that defines the fanbases

4: What happen when PUBG players play Fortnite

Pubg Player Playing Fornite
What happen when PUBG players play Fortnite

3: The PC requirement of the two games

Fortnite Vs Pubg Min Requirements
Spec requirement of the two games

2: How players of PUBG and Fortnite look like

Pubg Vs Fornite Gamers
The players of the two game are actually the same, so we do not need to hate each other

1: What is actually the best battle royale game of all time?

Musical Chairs Best Battle Royale
If gamers actually want to find the best battle royale game, they might have to look further than just video games