When discussing some of the most outstanding gaming franchises in history, it's inevitable to include BioShock in the conversation. The original BioShock provided an incredibly enjoyable adventure through the captivating video game city known as Rapture. BioShock 2 followed a similar path with a fresh update, which wasn't necessarily a negative aspect. The arrival of BioShock: Infinite solidified the series as an exceptional gaming trilogy.

Observing the evolution of the BioShock storyline across these three games is a remarkable experience that every gamer should embark upon. However, it's understandable if these gamers are uncertain about which game to explore next that could match the brilliance of this incredible trilogy. To address this question, here are the top games similar to BioShock.

Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart immediately drew parallels with BioShock, and there's no question that Mundfish's game draws inspiration from the iconic title developed by Irrational Games. Given that this marks the developer's first project, it's unrealistic to expect them to create something on par with one of the greatest sci-fi games of all time. Unsurprisingly, Atomic Heart isn't a BioShock replica, but it still stands as a commendable release in its own regard. The game is set in an alternate version of the Soviet Union in 1955, where players follow P-3, an agent dispatched to a facility overrun by robots. Before long, the protagonist obtains a special glove that unlocks a variety of upgradable abilities.

Thrilling Scene In Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart does face its fair share of problems: the English voice acting and dialogues leave something to be desired, the gunplay can feel sluggish, and the campaign's length might overstay its welcome. Nevertheless, the game boasts several positive aspects as well. Mundfish has excelled in the visual department, creating one of the more visually impressive games in the market. Even though the narrative takes a bit to pick up momentum, the game world itself is intriguing right from the beginning. While malevolent robots aren't a novel concept, Atomic Heart populates its roster with genuinely eerie adversaries that linger in the memory long after encounters.

Dead Space Remake

Released one year subsequent to BioShock, Dead Space received just as much acclaim as 2K's creation. In 2023, EA and Motive Studio undertook a remake of the game, giving it a rejuvenated appearance and making a few adjustments to encourage experienced players to revisit this exceptional survival horror masterpiece. While BioShock unfolds in the depths of the ocean, Dead Space's setting is in the distant expanses of space, and both environments are equally unsettling and isolating.

Cau Hinh Cua Dead Space Remake 3
Dead Space Remake

Dead Space operates as a third-person shooter featuring substantial combat mechanics, terrifying adversaries, impressive visuals, and effective environmental storytelling. While it may lack BioShock's philosophical contemplations, this game is a must-play for enthusiasts of horror.

Spec Ops: The Line

When it comes to gameplay comparisons, Spec Ops: The Line and BioShock have minimal overlap. The former functions as a military third-person shooter that doesn't take many risks with its combat mechanics, often resulting in uninspiring and dull gunfights. Unlike BioShock, which isn't open-world but offers some freedom, Spec Ops follows a considerably more linear path, affording players little opportunity to deviate from the prescribed route. In essence, for those seeking a game that mirrors the gameplay of the BioShock trilogy, such similarities won't be found here.

In terms of narrative, the games share more common ground, although they still remain distinct. Both stories are essentially psychological thrillers that delve into the fragility of the human psyche. Spec Ops: The Line zeroes in on the mental toll of warfare, prompting players to transcend their external role and contemplate the in-universe actions of their character. While not as replay-friendly as BioShock, Yager's creation certainly warrants at least one playthrough.

We Happy Few

At first glance, it's readily apparent why many individuals drew parallels between the visuals and ambiance of We Happy Few and BioShock. These comparisons extend even more when players delve into the game firsthand.

The game has progressed significantly since its glitch-ridden release and certainly justifies its purchase with its reduced price. It's regrettable that the storyline of this game doesn't receive adequate acknowledgment, as it's undeniably the standout aspect of the entire experience by a significant margin.

Mass Effect

Although Mass Effect may lack the same level of atmosphere as BioShock, there's a valid argument to be presented in favor of this science fiction RPG franchise. Thanks to the launch of the Legendary Edition, an increasing number of individuals now have the opportunity to engage with this exceptional trilogy.

Game4v Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Mass Effect

The sweeping narrative and unforgettable ensemble of characters are the factors that transformed the Mass Effect trilogy into a cherished gem of gaming's past. Commander Shepard stands out as an iconic lead, and observing their repeated efforts to rescue the universe remains consistently captivating.


For a considerable duration, the Metro series remained rather obscure, which was a substantial injustice to the remarkable excellence of this game. Yet, with the introduction of Metro Exodus, individuals could at last perceive the compelling reasons why numerous enthusiasts had developed a strong attachment to this series.

Metro Exodus Review

The synergy between the atmosphere and gameplay in Metro Exodus is a seamless match, evoking a feeling of foreboding that would resonate with those well-acquainted with BioShock. It's a straightforward suggestion for anyone who sought an alternative experience after repeatedly confronting adversaries like Frank Fontaine and Andrew Ryan.


In terms of gameplay, Soma diverges significantly from BioShock, as it falls into the category of survival horror rather than being a first-person shooter with horror aspects. Nevertheless, when it comes to the backdrop, they share a common foundation.

Soma unfolds within a terrifying submerged research facility inhabited by a crew who coincidentally represent the final survivors of humanity on Earth. The game's adept storytelling and unsettling ambiance provoke intriguing inquiries, making this horror experience essential for those in pursuit of games akin to BioShock.

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