The PlayStation console has always been a favorite with gamers and the latest installment is no different. The PS5 is a very popular console and it has been ever since it was released in the UK to many fans who had been waiting a long long time to get their hands on the next-generation console. However, some have not been so lucky to get the PS5 and are still waiting to enjoy playing on this console. This list of offers about where to get hold of a PS5 could help you get your hands on the precious gaming console.

The PS5 in the UK

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Coming out on 12th November 2020, it is hard to believe that the PS5 is still so hard to get hold of for many. Over a year and a half old and it still suffers in getting stock out to fans. This was especially the case around Christmas when demand is obviously higher but it was near impossible if you wanted to buy a PS5 in December.

However, this could be the time for people who want a PS5 to get buying. With places restocking in time for the long summer holidays, a PS5 could be easier to get than you think.

Why the hype about the PS5?

As with any new console, there is hype and the PS5 has been no different. With the PS4 coming out on 15th November 2013, it was seven years since fans had been able to get excited about the feel of a new console and the excitement that surrounds it.

The PS5 is also like no other machine with its incredibly fast SSD, wildly inventive DualSense controller, stunning 4K visuals, quick clean interface and the long-awaited backward compatibility. Fans have rushed to the stores, or virtually, to get the beast.

Ps5 Games

How much will a PS5 set you back?

It obviously varies from store to store with different stores offering different deals and bundles. Many places will throw in a game or a controller to get you going with the gaming experience. However, many will just sell the shell and let you add on the extras that you need.

On the whole however you will be looking at £450 for the PS5 depending on where you get your PS5 from.

Where can you get one?

There are many retailers still stocking the PS5 but you may struggle with your local store or even have to wait on delivery. However, these are the best places to look:

  • Amazon- £449.99
  • Argos- £449.99
  • Asda- £450.00
  • Currys- £449.00
  • John Lewis- £449.99

These could be your best bet as to finding a PS5 in the UK but you may have to keep checking the website to see when the latest stock has arrived.

It has become a real mission but when you get your hands on one you will certainly feel the benefits of the upgrade from the PS3. If you think you can wait a bit longer then remember that usually 3 years after the release of the PS5 there will be the slim and pro versions released. 

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