The Church in the Darkness previously teased something about its story through an announcement trailer in 2016. And this time, the developer of the game has come back with another trailer, and it's even more brainwashing!

You can watch the newest trailer - the invitation to the religious cult here:

No one is forced to join a cult. It welcomes you!

The Church in the Darkness tells the story of a pack of people disappointed with current society. Specifically, they've been suffering from racism, corruption of the US government.

The Church In The Darkness Announcement Trailer 1
This game deal with racism and corruptions very seriously

As a result, they're looking for relocation and formed a group called the Collective Justice Mission. The charismatic leaders - Isaac and Rebecca Walker has led the group to form a Socialist community in Freedom Town. But for the relatives left behind, they're always worried what's happening inside the town. It seems that the couple is planning on something very dangerous in the town without the awareness of their people.

The Church In The Darkness Announcement Trailer 5
There's definitely something smelly in this town

You'll play as Vic - a former law enforcer of the US government. You have a nephew, Alex, who is living in the Freedom Town. As you know nothing about your nephew, you'll need to sneak into the community there to check his situation before it's too late!

About the gameplay

The settings of the story are already very intriguing, and its gameplay allows you to experience the whole story with the best way possibles!

In The Church in the Darkness, you can freely control Vic to do whatever you want. To be more specific, you can choose to play with a sneaky style, where you blend yourself in the Socialist Community, interact with other people to find clues about your nephew locations. For me, that's a better approach if you're really keen on Spy actions.

The Church In The Darkness Announcement Trailer 3
Interview the people here to find the clues about your nephew

Vic can also brute force his way through the Town. With a pair of guns, you can shoot down anyone standing in your way, and head to the leader couple.  And to remind you, the game features more than one ending, depending on your play style. So, be careful with your choice of joining the cult!

The Church In The Darkness Announcement Trailer 7
Or you can just shoot your way to the Walkers!

When does The Church in the Darkness come out?

This trailer comes with an official announcement of the game's official release date. The Church in the Darkness is coming out for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on August 2.

The Church In The Darkness Announcement Trailer 2
The Church in the Darkness is coming out really soon!

The developer is also running a discount event, in which you can pre-order the game with a 20% cut on the price. With that discount, the game is only $19.95 for the base version, and $29.95 “True Believer” edition. The latter edition contains the original soundtrack and a set of video making progress.

The Church In The Darkness Announcement Trailer 8
There isn't much time left to claim the discounted game!

You can find more information about the game on its Steam page. Enjoy!