Peter “Durante” Thoman, the creator of the “DSfix” modified version for the PC game “Dark Souls and several other titles as well such as “Little King’s Story”, “Deadly Premonition”, and “Tales of Symphonia”. The maker has recently opened his own studio with two associates. The company specializes in high-quality PC ports and consulting services for topics such as tuning, optimization, parallelization, and refactoring.


It is reported that the company is currently known as PH3, after three founders getting a hold of their Ph.D. degrees. All paperwork has been finished in the company main base in Austria. Peter can now make the company’s first announcement. His goal is to use his experience and knowledge in computer scientist for his new set of work.


Thoman stated that he wouldn’t intend to license games due to the problematic nature of the field, and he would describe it as “a whole other can of worms” with its own sort of technical skill. Alternatively, he told fans that they would have to seek ports they might prefer directly from the publishers. However, fans could definitely expect some more quality ports from the company, he added.

Dshd Switch Postponed

It was reported that Dark Souls’ port was notoriously buggy, so buggy that it was commented by Yui Tanimura – the game’s director – as “half-assed”. The PC game’s port was locked at 1024x720 and 30 frames per second, which is the same resolution as the console versions. He created a mod that considerably removed the limitation for PC players. His mod was considered by Dark Soul community as a “must-have-add-on” for the game to run properly. Eventually, Dark Souls’ port was better, just as he previously promised. Hidetaka Miyazaki – the creator of Demon’s Souls – recently stated that there would be a remaster for the original game, however, he hinted disinterest in dealing with it himself rather let another studio handle it.