PUBG developer team has released a video showing the new update in the blood effect in PUBG recently. The video shows how the new effect looks at different ranges of shots. Let’s check it out here with

PUBG Developers Updates The Blood Effect In PUBG

After receiving feedback about the blood effect update last December, the PUBG developer team has worked to improve it. A PUBG developer shared that the new blood effect is smaller in size and visibility. It means that it’s harder to see the blood or the blood is unclear, especially at long-range shots or when the enemies are in the shadows.

Pubg Developer Team Has Been Working On Improving
PUBG Developer Team Has Been Working On Improving The Blood Effect

The developer also revealed that they are still working on improving the blood effect. The developers are thinking of adjusting the blood color in the future. They will also fix the visibility and looks of the blood in different lights. For example, it would be invisible when the enemies are shot at long distances and in the shadow.

Enhanced Blood Effect In PUBG Has Not Come To Consoles

In addition, the developer also revealed that the new update in the blood effect in PUBG hasn’t been launched to consoles. After reverting the new blood effect and testing the performance, PUBG developers will improve the blood effects on console versions. Now, PUBG players need to wait to see how the new blood looks in this game.

While waiting for the improvement, you can continue playing and experience some new features in this game. For example, you can join in aircraft battles with new motor gliders coming in the latest update. Or else, why don’t you traverse around Karakin map and experience the new gameplay with sticky bombs and black zone. Moreover, penetrable walls in this season also make a lot of players excited.