Epic Games has just started a brand new world event for Fortnite which is going to introduce to you a whole new challenge batch waiting for you to complete. The developer is going to make some changes on the island on which all of the the action will be taken places. If you happen to be keeping track of Fortnite’s recent events, you will definitely notice the existence of a strangely mysterious orb which appeared not very long ago right above of Polar Peak. That orb has now been opened, which lead the Ice King right to the island.

His arrival brought an Ice Storm to the whole island, which resulted in freezing it over. Following the storm is an icy misty atmosphere which reduces your visibility. Alongside the Ice King are a lot of strange creatures which have the similar appearance with zombies named Ice Fiends.

This is not the first event that follows this type, as the previous one was Fortnitemares. Changes in the background as well as enemies means that they have more chance to create brand new challenges for their players, which is the exact same thing that Epic has made before.

During the next few days, the developer will unlock some new challenges, each of which offers experience points (500 to be precise) after you have completed them. when you finished 6 Ice Storm challenges, you will get a cool wrap of ice blue and black. The ones who manage to finish all challenges (there are 13 in total), the reward would be a Winter's Thorn Glider. Below are the available challenges for day one in case you want to check them out.

Challenges of Fortnite’s Ice Storm Event
Completion of 6 Ice Storm Challenges -- Wrap Reward
Destroy Ice Fiends (250) -- 500 XP
Deal damage with explosive weapons to the Ice Legion (5000) -- 500 XP
The orb full of mystery which housed the appeared of the Ice King is a part of the 7.20 update version of Fortnite. This update also brought the glider redeploy back. It act as a collectable and usable item. Moreover, there is a chance you can get a new gun from it: the Scoped Revolver.
These challenges are quite easy for players to complete, unlike the harder weekly counterparts that will take players some extra legwork. It is currently the 7th week of 7th season of Fortnite, and one of the challenges for this week is related to finding as well as visiting Expedition Outposts.