After four years of development and 1.5 years in Early Access state, The Forbidden Arts finally is officially releasing now!

In order to celebrate this event, the developer Stingbot Games has released a new trailer. Unlike the previous ones, this trailer showcases many details on its gameplay, and it's gorgeous.

Let's take a look at it below:

Master the forbidden arts of Pyromancing

Last month, we've announced you about Stingbot Games' announcement that The Forbidden Arts coming to consoles. In that article, we've given you an outlook on the game's main features, but that's only from Early Access version.

The Forbidden Arts Official Release New Trailer 3
The game has been on Steam Early Access for about 1.5 years

However, the developer has made a range of optimizations and changes to its self-distributed game since then. Hence, let's go through all the special things about it again:

The Forbidden Arts tells the story of the main protagonist - Phoenix. He has encountered some strange visions, and he needs to find a druid to explain it for him.

The Forbidden Arts Official Release New Trailer 6
The protagonist needs to find a druid to explain those visions for him!

But things turn out to be much better (or worse), as the druid also awakes his inner pyromancer powers. That's where his journey of master the element of fires begins.

The Forbidden Arts Official Release New Trailer 1
Meets Phoenix - the man that holds the power of fire

With the Early Access version, we cannot go through the whole story of the game. However, with this official release, the full story is unlocked, and you can find out what happened to Phoenix in the end!

About its gameplay

That's enough about the story, not too deep or to shallow. However, the game really shines when it comes to gameplay. According to the developer, The Forbidden Arts is an action-adventure platformer that mainly emphasizes on discovery and exploration.

The Forbidden Arts Official Release New Trailer 2
The Forbidden Arts drives you into the vast world with beautiful visuals!

When you're exploring this huge world, you'll control your characters in 3D gameplay. It's basically like Zelda: BOTW at this point and its HD hand-drawn artworks will not disappoint you. Nevertheless, you'll travel in this world to meet NPCs to receive both main quests and side quests. The quests also vary from puzzles solving and dungeon crawling.

The Forbidden Arts Official Release New Trailer 5
It's not only just walking by to receive quests. The 3D gameplay is about exploring and puzzle-solving as well.

Speaking about dungeons, the gameplay totally changes when you head down to the dungeons. From a 3D platformers, it turns into 2D side-scrolling adventure. Apart from jumping and climbing through the levels, you'll also fight many monsters there. Phoenix wants to master his pyrokinesis power, so that's where you sharpen your skills.

The Forbidden Arts Official Release New Trailer 4
When you go under the dungeons, the game change from 3D adventuring to 2D side-scrolling

It's not only about shooting fireballs everywhere. You also have to get in the melee battles with the monsters as well. From the trailer, it seems that you might unlock more abilities as you progress, and enchant your weapons in the future.

The Forbidden Arts Official Release New Trailer 7
You cannot just shot fireballs everywhere since you have a limited 'yellow' mana bar!


The Forbidden Arts official version has already come out yesterday for PC on Steam. That's both a good news and a bad news at the same times.

The good news is that you can finally walk through the whole story of the game. Meanwhile, the bad news is that you can no longer have chances to get the game with discounted price.

Under its Early Access state, the game only costs $12.99, but it's $14.99 now. However, that change is not that big of a deal for such a great game!