When something or someone is too famous, people tend to search back in the history of that thing/person for topics to discuss. And Apex Legends – the new big hit in the battle royale genre by Respawn Entertainment – is no exception. Recently, Reddit users discovered that King’s Canyon – the first and only map of Apex Legends up to this moment – was leaked nearly a year ago. But at that moment no one seemed to care.

Apex Legends' map King's canyon

Eleven months ago, Reddit account “hiticonic” posted a photo on the Titanfall subreddit saying that this is the map for a “rumored Titanfall battle royale game.” However, at that time people didn’t give much care for it. The post only generated 14 comments, and comments on the thread were seemingly to be quite pessimistic toward the idea of a battle royale game with Titanfall theme. In fact, the most upvoted comment in this post was “I really hope this doesn’t happen.”

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The map was leaked by “hiticonic”But things always happen in the most unexpected way. The leaked map became the official King’s canyon that we all know now, and the “rumored Titanfall battle royale game” is Apex Legends now. But then Apex Legends have become so popular all over the world that the old post by “hiticonic” is dug up again.

This time, Reddit account “Fubbles22” post on Apex Legends official subreddit about the post by “hiticonic” 11 months ago. And this time, the post by “Fubbles22” has gone viral. This post has generated 1,6k comments, gained 56,2k upvotes at the moment this article is being written.

In the Reddit post by “Fubbles22”, the comment by “hiticonic” is getting a lot of attention from Reddit users. A lot of replies to his comment asked or suspected that “hiticonic” is, or at least was a member of the developing team for Apex Legends, and he attempted to heat up the community. No one can confirm this information yet, but “hiticonic” is a member of the moderator team of this Apex Legends subreddit.

Screenshot 1
The comment by "hiticonic" on “Fubbles22” Reddit post

Screenshot 2
The list of moderators in Apex Legends official subreddit

No matter what the truth is and was, Respawn Entertainment probably did not foresee the success and love that their game is receiving right now, nor the kind of reaction for the game when the map was leaked back in March. Now, Apex Legends is so famous that the game has had some tournaments for itself already.