Developer Sabotage has just made an announcement that The Messenger, its outstanding retro platformer, is coming to PlayStation 4 next week on the 19th.

The game was originally released on PC and Switch in August last year and was highly praised by players. It currently has an “overwhelmingly positive” review rating (95%) on Steam. The gameplay is very similar to the classic NES game Ninja Gaiden from Tecmo, and the classic 8-bit-style graphics as well as catchy soundtrack only serve to further enhance the experience.

The Messenger
The Messenger is a retro platformer with 8-bit art style

All that combined result in a series of intricately-designed platform challenges that, while not precisely what you’d call groundbreaking, are really fun to overcome, especially given the game’s fluid and responsive moveset. The Messenger is just simply an incredibly entertaining game.

And then, of course, it brings some new mechanics to the table as well. You can get a visual demonstration from the trailer below:

So, around the halfway point, your character obtains the ability to slip back and forth through time. As a result, what started out as a linear platformer becomes a lot more open, as you can travel to the future versions of various locations, which will be vastly different and might open up some new ways for you to solve many puzzles.

The upcoming PS4 version is probably going to include the New Game Plus mode that was added to other platforms last November. This mode will increase the difficulty of enemies and bosses, and the interesting thing is, every time you complete a New Game Plus playthrough, you'll gain access to another, and of course it will be even harder.  Developer Sabotage claims that you could go on and on forever.

The expected price for The Messenger on PS4 is $19.99 (Rs 1400). The developer also says that details about a new DLC will be coming soon.