A new trailer for The Surge 2 has just been released. The main reason behind this reveal is the release date – the game is going to hit the storefronts soon, Sept. 24 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In the trailer a lot of details have been revealed, such as the enemy types that the player is going to encounter – range from a massive space snake to a swarm of angry droids and human.

For people who have played the first game, The Surge 2 has the same gameplay mechanic – similar to a science fiction Dark Souls style game. There will be a wide range of combat forms for the players to pick, which means the playstyles would be highly customizable. The core mechanics stay the same, with dodges and strikes based on stamina. The equipment enhancing system is also pretty similar to Dark Souls, with the players getting components from fallen enemies to improve their weapons and armors.

Dodging the enemy's ranged attack

Besides the combat forms, there are also five weapon types for the players to choose from. These weapons are the deciding factor by which the player would enter combat – parry or dodge. Similar to Dark Souls, the enemies have no qualms about swarming you, so expect to fight anytime.

The Surge 2 Header 1
Prepare for a parry

Another improvement that The Surge 2 has over the first game is character appearance customization, as the player gets to choose how they look instead of just picking between premade options. The game takes place in a city named Jericho, which is actually way larger than the abandoned robot factory in the first game. Because there are still many robots in the game, it is possible to encounter real humans that the player can interact with.

3562904 Surge
The enemies are rushing in from all sides

The Surge 2 can be preorder right now.

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