God of War is having its first anniversary after one year. While fans are waiting for something new for the birthday event, director Cory Barlog said that there is no DLC (Downloadable content) for this celebration.

God of War

However, Developer Santa Monica from Sony has created other things for God of War's birthday.  Last Sunday, the studio posted a thank you letter on the Playstation blog to express their gratefulness to all players and fans for being a companion with Kratos and his son their journey. In addition, they hope fans will continue to support them in other products in the future. According to this post, a fantastic God of War Anniversary character PS4 avatar set is now available together with a PS4 dynamic theme. You can download them on PlayStation 4 regardless of whether you own the game or not.

God of War Anniversary character PS4 avatar set

PS4 dynamic theme

Balrog also tweeted a short message saying "That's not all..." on Sunday, leading many fans to believe that the game is getting a DLC. However, he later clarified that there is no such intention to make sure that no one misunderstands his tweet.

He also explained that if the studio Santa Monica really creates something for this birthday, there will be information about it. Then, he changed the topic to the newest zombie game of Sony “Days Gone” which is going to be released on the end of April. We don’t know if there is a possibility that a crossover between the two games can happen. Kratos in a biker vest riding a motorcycle while killing the undead? Sounds pretty unlikely. But then again, weirder mixes have happened in the past.

Earlier this month, “God of war” won a total of 5 BAFTA awards and game of the year at the Game Developers Choice Awards in San Francisco. Before that, it was named Game of the Year at the 22nd annual DICE Awards in Las Vegas and took home eight other awards. Besides, 3.1 million copies of “God of War” were sold just three days after release, making it the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 video game at that time. Up to now, about five million copies were sold all over the world.