So just yesterday on the 18th of March, they have announced the new update for Dota Plus which will improve the gaming experience for the Dota pro circut (DPC.)

They Have Announced New Companion App For Dota Pro
The companion app


This companion app with the name of  Dota Pro Circuit will give you the chance for Match Predictions and earn some Shards on the winner of the match.

They Have Announced New Companion App For Dota Pro

Go and test out the power of gambling inside you by choosing beforehand the winner of DPC matches whenever you are. Wager on your call with your Shards to become the richest ever.


Using this app, now players can follow in real-time the DPC and join in Fantasy Challenge.

Just don't only sit there and watching the DPC, make your own champions team with the Fantasy Challenge. Gather up your team and fight against other players and the internet to earn the points.


They Have Announced New Companion App For Dota Pro

To keep you updated on every event of Dota Pro Circuit we have the Tournament tab in this app. You could find every information you need up there from DPC standings, participating teams, match details (hero stats, net worth graph...), and event standings. Later in the tournament, they will also keep on updating about Playoff matchups and Group Stage.

New News Feed

On more feature of this companion app is the customizable News Feed.

Customize your Feed by tag in your favorite players and team - keep them feature on top of your Feed. With this News Feeds, the app will update you everything like upcoming matches, roster changes, match results ... in real-time. Click on the News and you could go in to explore further about achievements, player profiles, team history.

Match details

Never again miss any detail or even a minute with the DPC companion app. With all the details on the last series, you can follow live games and check to see what is happening even if you couldn't watch.

Go on and check out the app now. It has been released for both iOS and Android.