Platformer games are abundant on Steam. Scrolling through countless titles, Electronic Super Joy 2 caught my attention with its flashy graphics and lively music. For a free game on Steam, I’m quite surprised by how interesting it can get.

Electronic Super Joy 2 is the next iteration of the game Electronic Super Joy released in August 2013. The 2nd game still retains the funky playstyle as the first game.

Electronic Super Joy 2 01

Like regular platformer titles, in Electronic Super Joy 2, you go through 55+ weird and different stages. You have to crawl your way through countless monsters, swarming bullets. You can even explore hidden areas with secrets and fight big bad bosses.

Electronic Super Joy 2 04
The game is a big fun

There are multiple mechanics you can manipulate like jump, double jump, triple jump or even quintuple jump! You can even “slash” or fly straight to the other side with Air Sword. With Smash, you can do the Mario move when stepping on those monsters.

Electronic Super Joy 2 05
There are lots of moves you can utilize

With simple yet flashy graphics, the game looks so lively. In this world full of dark creatures, you are dancing so lightly. Music is also the game’s main attraction. The energetic techno music adds a lot of fun to the game. It also lifts up the tempo of the game. Some stages of Electronic Super Joy 2 require fast reactions and quick jumps.

Electronic Super Joy 2 06
Sometimes, you have to think on your feet

Also, humor is prevalent in the whole game. The Olala and Oh!Yeah is part of the fun. Also, the harmless minions along your way tease you a lot.

Electronic Super Joy 2 02
There are lots of funny lines in the game

Just 3 days after the release, there is already a speedrun of the game. On Youtube, one fan did the speedrun and finished the game in just 15:04.75. It just showed how impressive platformer fans can be.

It looks so satisfying with how skillfully he played the game. However, the game is fun when savoring every last bit of it. Go grab the game and give it a try.