Blizzard is currently having a hard time with the community, especially after their poor handling with the case of the Hong Kong Hearthstone player incident. Because of this reason, this year's BlizzCon event is really important to Blizzard as this is their chance to 'redeem' themselves. And we didn't even mention the company's disastrous BlizzCon event last year, where the reveal of Diablo mobile game - Diablo Immortal - brings backlash to the company after the infamous quote "Don't you all have phones anyway?" during the announcement.

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The event is coming soon, with a lot of announcements

Because of this reason, this year's event is really important for Blizzard if they want the fans - especially from the Western market - to put their trust in them once again. For this reason, we can believe that Blizzard is going to go all-out on this event. Those at the company sure doesn't want to have two forgettable BlizzCon event in a row.

And it seems that Blizzard wants to go big in the upcoming event, with the schedule of the event suggested that there will be a lot of announcements. As we can see in the schedule, after the opening ceremony on November 1st, on the main stage of the event, there will be four 'mysterious session' that going back to back, with two similar panels on November 2nd. And we are sure that the schedule hint of at least 6 big announcements that Blizzard going to reveal during the event.

Blizzcon 2018
The key-art from last year's event

The fans of Blizzard are suggesting that those announcements are about Diablo 4, Diablo 2 Remastered version, Diablo Immortal's release date, Overwatch 2, Warcraft III: Reforged, and a brand-new World of Warcraft expansion. Diablo 4's reveal at the events seems imminent - with a new Diablo Official artbook ads from Germany suggested that the contents will feature Diablo 4 artworks in it.

This year's BlizzCon event will be held in Anaheim, California, from November 1st to November 2nd.