If you are accidentally an anti-social person, or you just hate dealing with people in real life, here's the list on three games having the protagonists that are Android!

Let's get into this right away!

1. NieR Automata

Supported platforms: PC, PS4.

If you're fans of the action hack-n-slash genre, then you must have heard of this game. NieR Automata is a product from Platinum Games, and it's hands-down a must-try.

Three Games That Allows You To Play As Android 1

NieR Automata takes places in a fictional world where humankind doesn't rule. Instead, the dystopia is now under the control of mighty machines from another world. They have extruded humans from the Earth, and humans are finding a way to claims their land back.

In order to do so, they've sent the android armies to defeat the invaders. They are 2B, 9S, and A2, and they're carrying the fate of human's being on their swords and guns. Receiving commands from the human's base on the moon, the two Yorhas join the battle with other androids. However, 2B is more than just a machine that only knows to obey.

While fighting in the battle, the main characters 2B and 9S start to show signs of civility and even humanity. A powerful bond has appeared between them, and they'll discover each other and themselves through the journey.

Three Games That Allows You To Play As Android 3
2B and 9S start to become sentient

As they developed their ability to learn from everything, they started to show the most human-like Android emotion and began to doubt the commands that they've been following blindly until now.

I'm not going to spoil any further about the game, but I can promise you that its story is far more exciting and luring than you've thought!

Three Games That Allows You To Play As Android 5
The game has over 20 endings

Let's speak about its gameplay. NieR Automata's creative crew has worked under the supervision of Yoko Taro. That's enough to believe that its gameplay is going to be epic.

It features an open-world, where you can travel to specific locations to make progress with the main story. To get there, you can ride some wild animals, and in some levels, using special armor that can transform into vehicles.

Three Games That Allows You To Play As Android 4
The game features some light adventure

The combat in Nier Automata is quite unique. You'll be given with normal attacks which are quick but weak and the strong charged attacks. And it is not always about attacking, it's also about dodging and defending. The game allows you to dodge the enemies' attacks with key combinations, and immediately deliver a high-damage counter attack. The combat is very fast-paced, so your skills in this hack-n-slash game will be put under the real test.

Three Games That Allows You To Play As Android 2
The combats in NieR Automata are fast-paced

After slaying down some machines, you can use your achievement to upgrade your stats, your skills, and your weapons as well. Some side quests are decently challenging, so we have more reason to grind!

2. Detroit: Become Human

Supported platforms: PS4, PC.

Detroit: Become Human is one of the three story-driven games from Quantic Dream that are coming exclusively to PC through Epic Games Store. It first came out for PS4, and now, PC players can try this masterpiece on their devices.

Three Games That Allows You To Play As Android 10
Detroit: Become Human

After dealing with the mass killer in Heavy Rain, the magical power that links the two world in Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream has brought us the sci-fi cinematic gaming experience with Detroit: Become Human.

To be more specific, the game's world is the future world. Androids are now the normal stuff in human's life, and people have figure out how to facilitate Android in the workforce, and making them the servants as well.

You'll experience the story through the perspective of three androids. The first is Kara, a robot that starts to have feelings and obsessed with protecting her young female owner. The second one is Markus, an android revolutionary who has the dream of freeing the androids from the control of humans. The last one is Connor, whose job is to track down the sentients (the robot that has feelings, like Kara) and put an end to them even though he really struggles doing it.

Three Games That Allows You To Play As Android 6
You'll see the stories of three characters in Detroit: Become Human

At first, the three stories seem not to have any joint, but they will meet later in the game. That's a good way to give the player a detailed view of the character's motivations.

With the deep story, Detroit has portrayed the precious feelings of humans, and also describe the racism and the class division happening in our real world.

Three Games That Allows You To Play As Android 6
The game is coming to PC through Epic Games Store

The gameplay of Detroit: Become Human is not quite interesting as its story, but it still brings you some unique experience. The game offers choice-driven gameplay, which each of the decisions will change the upcoming outcomes. Replay as you can, and you will immediately notice these differences!

3. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Supported platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Android Shield.

Released back in 2013, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is definitely one of the must-try. From the hands of Hideo Kojima, the game does feature a twisting story alongside the eye-blessing combat style.

Three Games That Allows You To Play As Android 7
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

In this game, you'll play as Raiden - an Android that wields an extremely sharp high-tech sword. The special things that make this game stands out are its cutting technique. Specifically, it allows a brief slow-motion screen, which allows you to perform as many slashes on the enemies as possible.

After that, everything returns to normal, except for your enemies and the environment that you've sliced. They will be cut down to unrecognizable micro pieces!

Three Games That Allows You To Play As Android 8
Cut your enemies into millions of parts

Apart from the normal robot fights, the game also emphasizes on boss fights. In the game, you will have to face a wide range of tough bosses, which your slicing ability is not effective. Instead, you will have to dodge and wait for your time to deal as many damages as possible.

Three Games That Allows You To Play As Android 9
With a DLC, you can play as one of the bosses - Jetstream Sam too!

Contrary to Detroit: Become Human, the plot of this game is not that impressive likes its gameplay. It portrays the world in which people have applied android into the military.  Androids are the irreplacable armies when it comes to the world, and this game tells how they will influence the political status in the world.


I know, life is hard mostly because of people. And it's reasonable for you to be sick of humans sometimes. But hey, you can't live in this world alone, right!

So, as we can't do anything about them, those games will be the best methods to escape from the real world for a while and get back with full powers!

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