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Muhammad Kumar - Sep 02, 2023 | PC/Console

Ship combat in Starfield is actually fairly tricky.

Starfield, Bethesda's latest intellectual property, has emerged as an exceptional science fiction role-playing game that boasts planetary exploration, a captivating narrative, and epic space skirmishes. As players construct their spacecraft, it's crucial to assess how effectively the floating structure can hold its own in combat scenarios, especially given the inevitable confrontations when traversing between star systems.

In addition to crafting the optimal vessel, there exists a multitude of valuable strategies and tactics that can assist players when engaging in space combat within the Starfield universe. These are the kinds of considerations and preparations that players should undertake prior to venturing into battles against pirate factions or attempting to commandeer ships from rival factions.

1. Focus Fire To Avoid Destroying Valuable Spacecraft

Taking aim at a spacecraft becomes a straightforward task as the game automatically initiates targeting when the player approaches a close range. However, there are instances in Starfield where a player may opt not to obliterate the opposing vessel, considering it might be superior to their current one.

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Have a Number of Different Weapons


Focusing on specific sections of the adversary's ships, particularly their engines, will render the enemy vessel vulnerable and ready for boarding. At this juncture, a player can proceed to eliminate the onboard crew and assume control of the ship. Another effective method to achieve this without the risk of premature detonation is by utilizing suppressor shots.

2. Reroute Ships Power

The intricacies of ship combat in Starfield extend beyond initial impressions. A player's spacecraft operates with a predefined maximum power output from its reactor, which needs to be distributed strategically among the various ship systems during combat. Swiftly readjusting these allocations becomes pivotal for optimizing the chances of victory.

A suggested tactic involves diverting power away from the Grav Drive and reducing the engine's output by half. This surplus energy can then be channeled fully into fortifying the shields and empowering the three primary weapons typically used by the player. By allocating more power to the systems responsible for projectile firepower, the likelihood of shield depletion decreases significantly.

3. Focus On Enemy Shields

Prior to determining whether to eliminate or commandeer an adversary's vessel, a player must make it a top priority to disable the vessel's protective shields. Without dismantling these defenses, players cannot inflict substantial harm on their opponent.

The most expeditious method for depleting an enemy's shield is through the utilization of laser-based weaponry. These laser shots have the capability to swiftly penetrate and disintegrate any shield, even the player's own if confronted by a foe wielding similar armaments. It is worth mentioning that if a player ceases their assault after stripping a ship of its shields, those shields will eventually regenerate.

4. Have a Number of Different Weapons

Similar to the options available for surface weaponry selection, players also enjoy a range of choices when constructing their spacecraft. An extensive array of guns can be affixed to a vessel, each endowed with distinct functionalities.

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Reroute Ships Power

Players have the capacity to manage and deploy up to three different weapons concurrently, underscoring the significance of deliberating on three distinct categories of armaments to employ against various adversaries. The selection encompasses Lasers, Ballistic shots, Missiles, Suppressors, and a myriad of other possibilities, granting ample space for imaginative customization.

5. Never Fight Head On

In order to safeguard their shields and the ship's hull from harm, players must adopt a strategic approach when selecting their engagements. Much like an adept pilot, they should consistently position themselves to attack from the rear of the ship they aim to either eliminate or commandeer. This tactic effectively prevents the opponent from retaliatory fire.

Maintaining a tight pursuit from behind, leaving minimal space for evasive maneuvers, constitutes the most efficient method for swiftly dealing with an enemy spacecraft. Naturally, this strategy may not always apply when a player is confronted by multiple ships simultaneously, but mitigating incoming gunfire remains a desirable goal.

6. Ships Parts Should Always Be In Cargo

When players find themselves with hull damage, there exists an alternative to shelling out a substantial sum of a thousand credits at a Ship Engineer for repairs. To circumvent these frequent pit stops, players can opt to acquire Ship Parts. These function essentially as restorative items exclusively compatible with the player's currently piloted spacecraft.

Starfield Space Combat
Never Fight Head On

These Ship Parts can be employed both during and outside of combat, requiring a straightforward button press from the player. Activation prompts the ship to commence regeneration of its hull health. It's essential to have these Ship Parts in the Cargo hold of the ship for them to be usable, underscoring the importance of players routinely verifying their stockpile.

7. Shields Are Vital To Survival

An essential piece of advice applicable to all Starfield players is to stay vigilant regarding their spacecraft's shields. These shields play a pivotal role in preserving the integrity of the player's hull, preventing any physical damage. Once the shields are breached, the ship becomes susceptible to harm, and when the hull health bar reaches zero, the entire vessel will detonate.

It's important to note that a player's ship shields will gradually regenerate over time, contingent on the player successfully evading enemy fire. Consequently, when designing their ship, players should prioritize allocating a substantial portion of their resources into bolstering their shields above all else to ensure lasting protection.

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