Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, released in 2020, has captivated players with its strategic action role-playing gameplay set in a medieval backdrop. Enthusiasts have relished the grand medieval battles featuring knights and various medieval units engaging in combat on the battlefield.

This game's popularity has sparked curiosity among players, leading them to search for similar strategy or RPG titles that could offer a comparable experience. Consequently, these medieval-themed games stand out as top choices for players who appreciate the medieval setting and the thrilling strategic combat it entails.

1. Medieval Dynasty

Among the array of available games, Medieval Dynasty emerges as one of the top choices for players who enjoyed Mount & Blade 2. This open-world strategy game immerses players in the challenges of the Middle Ages, compelling them to hunt, build, and lead to thrive in a harsh environment.

Winter In Medieval Dynasty
Medieval Dynasty

Starting as an individual struggling for survival, players gradually expand their dynasty. Over time, they develop heirs, attract followers, and evolve into rulers creating their own kingdoms. However, inevitable opposition arises, compelling the newly established kingdom to defend itself against those who seek to end the player's reign.

2. Kenshi

Players seeking a more RPG-focused experience following Mount & Blade 2 might find satisfaction in exploring the challenging realm of Kenshi. This game offers an unforgiving environment where the world doesn't adjust to accommodate the player's abilities. From the outset, players must accept that everything in the game world will be more powerful than them.


In Kenshi, chaos reigns supreme; players are not destined heroes but rather vulnerable inhabitants of this tumultuous world. They face constant threats, from potential capture by cannibals to becoming collateral damage in ongoing conflicts. Survival becomes the sole priority, demanding players to rely on strategic thinking or simply fleeing to stay alive.

3. Crusader Kings 3

Although players might not engage in the warfare of Crusader Kings 3 on a personal level, the game stands out as one of the most fascinating medieval titles released recently. Players are presented with a wealth of information, compelling them to navigate through various challenges during their rule.

Crusader Kings 3
Crusader Kings 3

The game provides players with access to a vast map, allowing control over nearly any state at the beginning of the game. Striving to either maintain dominance or climb the ranks creates a stressful yet exhilarating experience for players.

4. Battle Brothers

While Battle Brothers may not boast the realistic graphics of Mount & Blade 2, it compensates with its charming pixelated visuals. Similar to Wartales, players manage a group of mercenaries they need to train to endure in this raw, low-powered medieval setting.

Battle Brothers 1 Cropped
Battle Brothers

The game's entire map, constituting its open world, is procedurally generated. Consequently, players are unlikely to encounter the same game twice upon restarting. This, coupled with the freedom to choose contracts as they see fit, empowers players to craft their own narrative brimming with exciting moments.

5. We Who Are About To Die

For players seeking a straightforward medieval-themed game focused solely on unit-based combat, We Who Are About To Die is the perfect choice. Players commence as humble slaves forced to battle in diverse arenas, aspiring to climb the ranks and potentially secure their freedom—although this outcome remains uncertain.

We Who Are About To Die
We Who Are About To Die

In contrast to Mount & Blade 2, which occasionally incorporated political elements to deter adversaries, We Who Are About To Die prioritizes combat and satisfying wealthy sponsors. Featuring a detailed career management system, players strategize to find optimal fights, increasing their likelihood of reaching the pinnacle of success.

6. Old World

Old World is a strategy game that delves deeper than Mount & Blade 2. In this medieval setting, players methodically build their dynasty. They expand their kingdom by engaging in negotiations and occasional battles with neighboring royalty, aiming to secure the prosperity of their reign.

Land And Buildings In Old World
Land And Buildings In Old World

Maintaining strong family bonds is just one aspect of the game; players may find themselves negotiating with potential threats and strategically choosing the right units to prevent possible invasions.

7. Conqueror's Blade

Occasionally, the ultimate medieval strategy experience comes from playing with others. That's why the expansive multiplayer game Conqueror's Blade is an intriguing and appealing option for players seeking an alternative to Mount & Blade 2. Players have the ability to command entire groups of units and must collaborate with others to strategize sieges on castles and fortresses or safeguard their own against rival forces.

Conquror S Blade
Conqueror's Blade

Beyond unit command, players can personalize their leaders to craft the ideal soldier. At the beginning of each season, a fresh territorial war kicks off, ensuring players always have a battle to engage in.

8. Kingdoms and Castles

Although Kingdoms and Castles may seem quite different from Mount & Blade 2 at first glance, some players might find it intriguing to explore a game that expands their medieval experience while approaching strategy from a unique angle. While Mount & Blade 2 involves assembling armies and navigating occasional political situations, Kingdoms and Castles focuses on kingdom expansion and the challenge of maintaining order.

Kingdoms And Castles
Kingdoms And Castles

This can sometimes involve defending city walls against Viking assaults or seizing opportunities to conquer neighboring kingdoms, allowing players to still engage in battles with enemy forces.

9. Wartales

While Wartales may not feature battles as grand as those in Mount & Blade 2, it captivates players with its RPG components. In this game, players manage a modest group of mercenaries journeying through the medieval realm in pursuit of precious treasures.


During their exploration, players encounter new recruits for their mercenary band, each possessing distinct equipment, skills, and personalities. Integrating turn-based combat with a player-driven narrative, gamers are tasked with determining the acceptable level of risk, considering that every location offers contracts that pique their interest.

10. Total War: Medieval 2

Total War: Medieval 2 was developed by the Australian division of The Creative Assembly, which has since been disbanded. In this game, players strive for power as they embark on adventures across various lands, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the yet-unexplored New World of that era.

Total War Medieval 2
Total War Medieval 2

Similar to Mount & Blade 2, the game introduces new factions and units, granting players control over vast armies that must be strategically led into battles for territorial conquest. Victories against opposing forces enable players to ascend in power until they achieve global domination.

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