While GTA San Andreas is a great game, playing it in 2021 feels a little bit lacking, as the vehicles roaming the streets are fairly outdated. In order to fix that issue, you can install car mods that modify car appearance or outright adding new cars. In this article, we are going to list out the top 10 best GTA San Andreas Car Mods.

1 - GTA Vice City Cars

This VC Cars mod from HamX23 will add all the cars from Vice City to the streets of San Andreas. However, instead of adding new ones, it replaces the 72 vanilla cars with their Vice City counterpart.

While Vice City and San Andreas are in two different time periods, the difference between them is pretty small. While Vice City is San Andreas' predecessor and is supposed to look worse, these modded cars blend into SA's art style fairly well.

Vice City Cars
This GTA San Andreas Car Mods APK replaces a lot of cars in the game with their Vice City equivalent.

2 - GTA LCS & VCS Cars

GTA: Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories were two amazing prequel games that fans of the franchise must play. They provided further backstory and world-building to GTA Vice City and III.

This GTA SA car mod was also made by modder HamX23, who brought 57 vehicles from both Stories games into the classic version of San Andreas. While these games are newer, the difference in graphics is minimal and these cars look right at home in San Andreas.

3 - Saints Row 3 Gang Vehicles

The Saint Row franchise is more or less a copycat/parody of GTA, with a lot more humor. Saint Row's vehicles follow the same principle, with most of them being super colorful. The Saints Row 3 Gang Vehicles pack includes muscle cars, sports cars, and trucks modeled after SR 3's gangs' version.

While looking good, these cars might look a slight bit out of place in a vanilla version of San Andreas. Therefore, you might want to combine some GTA San Andreas graphic mods.

Saints Row 3 Gang Vehicles
Saints Row 3 Gang Vehicles are colorful, giving the grey San Andreas a much-needed color boost.

4 - GTA IV Cars

GTA IV is a sequel released 4 years after GTA San Andreas, bringing a lot of upgrades in gameplay, graphics and vehicles. Modder White8Man has brought some of that progress back to San Andreas by replacing 30 cars in the game with their closes GTA IV equivalent.

This mod is super well designed - despite the more detailed model, it won't slow your PC down at all. Personally, this is among the most recommended GTA SA car mods to us.

5 - Fast and Furious V3

The Fast and Furious movies are one of the iconic racing movie series, with appearances of a lot of fast cars. With this Fast and Furious V3 mod, you would be able to bring some of their amazing machines to San Andreas' streets.

Modder Sharath Chandra brought together a roster of the most iconic cars from the first 4 FF movies and add them to San Andreas. From Brian O'Conner's tuned Nissan Skyline R-34 to the Nissan Silvia S15 from Tokyo Drift... they have just about everything. Furthermore, these cars all have custom handling and modded interiors, alongside working lights and realistic damage.

Fast and Furious
The various cars from Fast and Furious get ported into San Andreas.

6 - GTA3 HD Vehicles Tri-Pack III

GTA III is one of the most iconic games in the series - it is the first game in the HD universe. While the game is dated, its car roster is still pretty stellar and worth using. Modder OnePiece created GTA3 HD Vehicles Tri-Pack to port all vehicles from GTA III to San Andreas, each with an HD upgrade.

You might need to do some visual modding first, as these cars might look out of place on a vanilla version of San Andreas.

7 - GTA V Vehicles

This is one of the more popular mods in the GTA SA modding community. Unlike Vice City or III mods that bring the game back to the past, GTA V Vehicles catapults San Andreas to the future, with highly advanced GTA 5 Online vehicles filling the streets.

GTA V Vehicles replaces over 100 cars with the best ones found in GTA V. This comprehensive mod also completely overhaul traffic in San Andreas, making driving cars feel even better than the modern counterpart in V. This is one of the biggest GTA San Andreas Car Mods ever.

8 - Tumbler Batmobile

This entry brings one of the most iconic cars in superhero movies, the Tumbler Batmobile, to GTA San Andreas. It is an incredible model made from scratch from modder Diesel GT.

While the thing has a couple of bugs, you should still be able to explore the urban area and wilderness in San Andreas fairly easily. It also meshes with San Andreas' graphics style pretty well.

The Tumbler Batmobile
The Tumbler Batmobile has a fairly iconic design that all movies fans will recognize right away.

9 - Idolm@ster Itasha Pack Project

If you are an anime fan and want to have pictures of cute girls on your GTA San Andreas vehicles, look no further. The Idolm@ster Itasha Pack Project will decorate many vehicles in San Andreas with new skins based on the girls in the Idolm@ster franchise.

Idolm@ster Itasha Pack Project
Idolm@ster Itasha Pack Project is one of the more unique GTA San Andreas Car mods.

10 - Bugatti Veyron for the SFPD

If you want your police chase to become more immersive after replacing all cars in the game with supercars, Bugatti Veyron for the SFPD is probably your best bet. This mod will replace all police cars with a special Bugatti Veyron that was designed for police use.

With this mod, San Andreas would join Dubai as the only state in which police drive super expensive racing cars. The SFPD Bugatti Veyron has a reinforced chassis and ram-safe front bumper.

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