You will be able to earn a total of 36 talent points in Hogwarts Legacy after hitting the max level cap of level 40. As there are 48 talents in Hogwarts Legacy, you would not be able to unlock everything in your first playthrough. Therefore, picking the right talent to level is a must.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best talents in Hogwarts Legacy to spend points on.

1. Basic Cast Mastery

Require Level 5

Basic spells would be one of the things you use most for the whole game, especially early on. Therefore it is ideal to invest a point in Basic Cast Mastery immediately after reaching level 5. This talent decreases the cooldown of spells and boost your attack speed considerably.

Hogwarts Legacy Basic Cast
Basic Cast Mastery

2. Swift

Require Level 5

Dodging is yet another crucial thing you need to do often in Hogwarts Legacy. Some attacks in the game cannot be blocked, which means a faster dodge would be beneficial.

There is no need for Protego if the enemies cannot hit you.

The Swift talent allow you to zoom away from your foes by holding the dodge button, easily avoiding damage in the process. It also increase exploration speed.

3. Petrificus Totalus Mastery

Require Level 22

Hogwarts Legacy Petrificus Totalus Spell
Petrificus Totalus defeats enemies in a non lethal way.

Stealth can save players a lot of time engaging hard foes. When you’re out of combat, use the Disillusionment charm to turn yourself invisible. Then sneak up on enemies till you’re directly behind them. When you’re close enough, the game will prompt you to use Petrificus Totalus on them, which freezes them and knocks them out instantly. This is where Petrificus Totalus Mastery comes in - players can use it to knock out multiple enemies clumped together.

4. Avada Kedavra Mastery

Require Level 22 

The most famous spell in the HP universe - Avada Kedavra allows players to one shot enemies fairly easily. However, its usefulness is reduced against groups, as you will still need to deal with the rest of the foes.

Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra
Chaining the Killing Curse against multiple enemies is very satisfying.

Avada Kedavra Mastery fixes this weakness by allowing the curse to chain to other cursed enemies - you can kill a group of foes with just a single cast.

5. Spell Knowledge III

Requires Level 16

There are a lot of useful spells and spell combos in Hogwarts Legacy, and the more combo you can use, the better. With Spell Knowledge III, players can switch between 4 spell sets (16 spells), allowing them to be more versatile in a fight.

Hogwarts Legacy Basic Cast
The ability to switch between more combos makes the game much more fun.

6. Stupefy Expertise

Requires Level 22

Stupefy allows you to stun enemies, and you can leverage Stupefy Expertise to deal additional damage to them. This is one of the few talents that's useful in pretty much all playstyle and is easy to use. With it, players can just spam Stupefy to win the battle.

7. Transformation Mastery

Requires Level 22

Transformation spell is one of the more useful disable, as it changes the enemy into an object. By investing in Transformation Mastery, you can take it up a notch and turn the targeted foe into an explosive object. Afterward, you can blow it up to deal heavy damage against groups.

Transformation mastery actually yield much more damage than you can expect.

8. Imperio Mastery

Requires Level 16

Imperio is one of the 3 unforgivable curses in Hogwarts Legacy, unlocked after completing the side story quest In the Shadow of Time. It allows you to make a targeted enemy fight for you in battle.

Top 10 Cau Than Chu Manh Me Nhat Trong Hogwarts Le
The controlled enemy would be a massive help in combat.

Imperio Mastery allows the controlled target to curse other enemies, which is very useful in battle. This synergizes really well with Avada Kedavra Mastery, which allow players to quickly dispatch a tough group of enemies with just one spell.

9. Incendio Mastery

Requires Level 5

Incendio is a good source of damage, and investing one point into Incendio Mastery is highly recommended. Whenever you cast Incendio after acquiring this talent, the spell will release a ring of flames around your character.

This is a very good source of damage against both groups and single target enemy. It also combos well with transformation mastery.

Incendio Mastery 1024x576
Highly effective against melee foes, especially early on.

10. Glacius Mastery

Requires Level 16

Glacius allows you to freeze enemies in their tracks. Opting for Glacius Mastery will have shards blast out of the frozen enemy, damaging others. Any crowd control spell with the ability to deal damage is useful, as you can just spam it in pretty much all situation.

Using Glacius In Hogwarts Legacy 08f47822
Glacius Mastery allow players to deal decent damage in an AoE.

Players can combo Gracius with Diffindo, which deal over twice the damage to frozen targets and can instantly defeating certain enemies. Additionally, Freezing the enemy in place will drop their awareness of you, leading you to be out of combat. It is possible to sneak up on them with Petrificus Totalus this way.

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