Ammunition is a big issue in RE4 Remake, as you will be swarmed by villagers right from the start. To address this issue, Gurugamer is going to showcase some tips that can help you conserve your ammo and beat the game more easily.

1. Use the headshot + melee combo

It is widely known that when facing zombies (or similar creatures), it's crucial to aim for their heads. Although this may only stun regular villagers, it presents an opportunity to kick them if you quickly close the gap. By approaching from behind, you can execute a suplex for even more damage. Leon is not afraid to use his roundhouse, and any enemies in the way will also be knocked down.

Re4 Aiming 01
Shoot to stun then use melee attacks

This enables you to inflict significant damage to multiple targets with a single headshot, alleviating some of the pressure. Alternatively, you can often trigger a melee attack by striking an enemy's legs, which is an easier target zone to aim for with your handgun or, even better, the Bolt Thrower.

2. Use the Bolt Thrower when possible

When you begin Chapter 2, you will encounter the Merchant who offers you a variety of weapons, including the Bolt Thrower. At the beginning of Chapter 3, the weapon is sold at a discounted price. The Bolt Thrower is a highly adaptable weapon that resembles a Crossbow, and its primary advantage is that you can retrieve the bolts you shoot from dead enemies or from where they land in the surroundings.

The Bolt thrower is a convenient early game weapon.

Although it reloads slowly and is not as powerful as other weapons, it is effective as a stunning device that can be reimbursed if you aim for your target's legs or head.

3. Take advantage of Stealth

In the original version of RE4, players were restricted in their in-game activities to avoid alerting nearby enemies. However, in the Resident Evil 4 Remake, players can use the crouch feature to move around quietly and can stealthily kill enemies with a knife if they remain undetected. Although it may not always be feasible to utilize stealth, as some situations involve a large number of enemies, crouching and moving quietly may enable players to execute some stealth kills or even evade encounters altogether, provided they have not yet been detected.

How To Stealth Kill In Resident Evil 4 1 1
Stealth Kill

Additionally, during combat, if an enemy is preoccupied or stunned with their back to the player, or if they are picking up Ashley, players can perform a backstab that will deplete some durability but conserve ammo.

4. Crafting

If you find yourself in a difficult situation and urgently require ammunition, try accessing the inventory menu to see if you can create more. It's possible that you may have obtained crafting materials from defeated enemies during the encounter, so even if you believed that you were out of materials, it's worth checking again. This action could potentially save your life.

Resident Evil 4 Remake 15 Jpg
The crafting system

Additionally, upgrading to an Attache Case can increase the frequency of Parts (L) drops, which can aid in crafting certain types of ammunition. Upgrading the Attache case keychain through the shooting gallery can also increase your ability to craft additional ammunition. Furthermore, ammunition components can be acquired from the merchant at low prices, although it is not recommended to trade precious Spinel for Gun Powder.

5. Stop the Plaga

In Resident Evil 4, some enemies may exhibit signs of parasitic infection, similar to the first enemy you encounter in the game. This infection makes them more resilient and difficult to stun, resulting in them absorbing bullets. To avoid this, players should keep a watchful eye on enemies that they knock down. If these enemies start writhing and squirming on the ground, it indicates that they will rise again for a second round of combat.

Resident Evil 4 Hands Off Preview Shows Off Plagas
Plaga transformation

However, a swift stab with a knife can prevent them from doing so. As the game progresses, the Plaga parasite will emerge from the enemies' heads, making them more challenging to defeat. Nonetheless, players can use Flash Grenades to instantly kill any fully exposed Plaga, resulting in significant ammo savings.

6. New weapons come with full ammo

In the original Resident Evil 4, players could upgrade the capacity of their weapons at the merchant, which would refill the ammo of that weapon. However, this feature has been removed in the remake. Instead, players will receive a fully loaded weapon for every new purchase they make. Since the buyback prices for weapons are high in the remake, it is recommended that players purchase new weapons more frequently, solely for their ammo. It is essential to empty all ammo from the current weapon before selling it.

Resi 4 Remake Merchant
The merchant

7. Carry the weapon you want ammo drops for

Make sure to carry any weapons that you would like to have ammo for. Although it may seem like a good idea to store your weapon until you find more ammo, you will not come across random ammo drops if you are not carrying the weapon with you.

Ffi Qb9xoaegwfz
The inventory

8. Explore the map

During boss fights and enemy rushes, it is common for the best ammo to be hidden around the edge of the room or area. It is important to run around and collect all the items during the battle. After the fight, you can check the map to see if you missed anything, as any remaining items will be marked on the map once you have passed by them. It is worth noting that these items are also indicated on the map in rooms you visit, as long as they are not inside a container.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Image 7
Useful items are hidden everywhere.

Familiarize yourself with the interactive objects that can contain ammunition and other items, such as crates, barrels, small crates on shelves, low cabinets, cabinet drawers, glass cabinets that can be shattered, pots, small pots on shelves, suitcases on shelves, lockers, and metal containers on walls. All of these objects have the potential to hold ammo, so keep an eye out for them as you explore.

9. Upgrade weapon damage first

It's up to you to decide, but if you want to upgrade your guns to conserve ammo, consider prioritizing damage for the weapons you use the most. This will result in more powerful weapons that can take down enemies with fewer shots, especially for handguns and bolt throwers, making it easier to set up enemies for melee attacks.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips Dont Upgrade Too Soon
Upgrade weapons to have an easier time.

10. Make use of grenades and bolt mines

To save a considerable amount of ammo, aim to use grenades or bolt mines when faced with groups of enemies. A flash grenade is also a cost-effective option for killing several plagas enemies at once, which can save a significant amount of ammo and result in instant kills.

Flash A Savage Mutt Blue Request Note Resident Evi
A flash grenade

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