The game Minecraft is well-known for its imaginative gameplay and the upcoming 1.20 update is anticipated to enhance the players' ability to personalize their experience by introducing 15 new armor trims. These trims enable players to modify their armor pieces and come in distinctive designs, providing players with the opportunity to create armor that is distinct and mirrors their individual style.

Nevertheless, obtaining some of these trims can be difficult. Among them, the Silence Armor Trim is the most challenging to obtain, with just a one percent chance of acquisition. The following is a guide on how players can acquire this trim.

1. Where to find the Silence Armor trim?

In Minecraft 1.19, a new feature called Ancient Cities has been incorporated into the game, located within the Deep Dark biome. These colossal structures appear in the lowermost part of the overworld, specifically between Y level -11 and -41. They have multiple chests filled with different kinds of treasures that players can plunder, but they must exercise caution as the Warden could pose a threat.

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Silence Armor trim

There are 2 types of armor trims players can get from Ancient City chests, Silence and Ward, at 1.2% and 5% drop chance respectively.

2. How to find Ancient Cities?


Assuming that cheats are enabled in your Minecraft world, you can effortlessly retrieve the coordinates of the nearest Ancient City by typing the command "/locate ancientcity" into the chat window. This command works for both Java and Bedrock versions of the game and can also be utilized to locate other structures such as Woodland Mansions. Nevertheless, it is possible that you may not want to activate cheats to preserve your achievement progress.

The Warden Ancient City Centre Monument
A Minecraft Ancient City

In such cases, you can create a copy of your world, activate cheats, and input the command in the copy before switching back to your original world. However, if you are playing on someone else's server or Realm, you can request the world owner to follow these steps and share the obtained coordinates with you.


Chunkbase is an effective website that can assist you regardless of your Minecraft goals. To generate a map of your world, simply input your seed number (found in the world's menu) and select the game version. The site will generate a map that you can navigate and choose which structures or landmarks you want to locate.

Finding Ancient Cities using chunkbase

It's worth noting that if your world was created on an older version, the map might not be entirely accurate, especially if it shows chunks that you have previously visited. For instance, if an Ancient City is displayed directly beneath your 1.18 or 1.17 base, it is unlikely to exist there in reality. You will need to locate an Ancient City in an unexplored region after updating to the 1.19 Wild update.

Search manually

If you do not have access to any of the previous methods mentioned, you will have to resort to the conventional way of searching for an Ancient City. Start by exploring vast cave systems in regions of your world that you have not yet visited. Keep following these caves until you reach the very bottom of your world, as that's where Ancient Cities usually appear.

Minecraft Ancient Cities 2
Manually searching is also an option if you don't want to cheat or use tools.

To locate the Deep Dark biome, search for new Sculk blocks that appear greenish-blue. Although finding this biome could indicate that you're on the right track, there's no assurance that you will come across an Ancient City in every Deep Dark pocket. It might take a considerable amount of time to locate one, so be persistent and don't give up easily.

3. How to survive in Ancient Cities

Always sneak

The Sculk Sensors and Shriekers are highly sensitive, so moving carelessly will most likely cause the Warden to spawn. It is crucial to keep the sneak button pressed, but even then, you need to be extra cautious around Sculk Sensors. These sensors can detect any sound, not just footsteps. Therefore, avoid opening a chest if there is a Sculk Sensor nearby, regardless of how tempting it may seem. To address this issue, it's advisable to bring a Silk Touch-enchanted hoe with you. You can use it to mine the Sensors and Shriekers near the chest before beginning your looting activities.

Swift Sneak
Swift Sneak enchantment is useful to deal with the Warden.

Don't try to fight the Warden

As demonstrated by players on Reddit and YouTube, it is possible to defeat the Warden. Nevertheless, it is not advisable as it is a waste of time, effort, and resources. The Warden has a vast health pool, and the items it drops are insignificant. Additionally, eliminating one Warden does not prevent another one from spawning.

Minecraft Deep Dark Warden
Avoid fighting this dangerous mob

Instead of attempting to defeat the Warden, it is recommended to run away and explore other parts of the city. If you remain quiet long enough and out of its sensory range, the Warden will eventually despawn, allowing you to resume looting.

Unload your valuables regularly

It's essential not to be careless with your inventory while exploring the Ancient City. Take periodic breaks to unload your items into the Ender Chest to avoid the risk of getting caught off guard by a Warden and losing all your valuable treasures. By storing the items in a Shulker within your Ender Chest, you can prevent the worst-case scenario of losing them entirely.

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