If you've spent time playing Minecraft, you're aware of the game's immense popularity and the abundance of servers available. Many enjoyable and unique servers have emerged and gained a significant following among players. It's fantastic to join a server with a thriving community, as it often leads to making numerous friends.

Despite the abundance of popular servers, players may not be aware of all of them, so this article presents an excellent opportunity to discover a new one. You can explore various game modes and have fun trying something fresh. In this post, we'll examine the top 10 best Minecraft servers to try out in 2023.

1. Hypixel

Hypixel, the largest Minecraft server, boasts tens of thousands of players online at any given moment, and offers a diverse range of multiplayer minigames. Since its establishment in 2013, the server has continued to thrive, setting incredible records in terms of player counts and game modes, making it a top-rated server of all time.

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With a vast community and an extensive collection of minigames, Hypixel offers an endless array of experiences for its players. Some of the most popular game modes available on the server include SMP, Murder Mystery, BedWars, Skyblock, Skywars, Football, Hide and Seek, and Cops and Crims. If you are looking to join a rapidly expanding community, Hypixel, the world's biggest Minecraft server, is an excellent place to start.

2. Mineplex

Mineplex is a vast Minecraft server that features a diverse range of game modes such as Hunger Games, SkyWars, and CakeWars. It also hosts a thriving online community where players can join and play together on their servers. While it was once recognized as the largest server in the Minecraft multiplayer scene, it has since been surpassed by Hypixel. Nevertheless, Mineplex remains a significant player in the world of Minecraft servers thanks to its dedicated fan base, who continue to appreciate the constantly evolving array of new and engaging game modes.

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3. Wynncraft

Wynncraft is a long-standing server that has been active for over a decade and is still thriving. Despite not being as popular as some other servers, it offers a broad range of features and plugins that cater to both solo players and those playing with friends. As a massive multiplayer online role-playing server, Wynncraft's gameplay involves traveling through various realms and provinces on an expansive and intricately detailed map while taking on unique missions and challenges.


Players are encouraged to explore the vast and diverse environments, including plains, cities, and oceans. As they progress through the game, their character can acquire armor, weapons, and accessories, and the experience gained from completing quests will increase, with each quest having a prerequisite level. This makes Wynncraft an excellent choice for those who enjoy massively multiplayer online games.

4. ManaCube

ManaCube is an immensely popular Minecraft server with a substantial player base and an extensive selection of mods and plugins. In addition to the standard game modes, the server also offers unique modes such as Anarchy, Islands, Towny, and Parkour.

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The staff members are highly responsive, always available, and willing to assist new players with any concerns they may have. The server is equipped with a robust anti-cheat system, ensuring that other players are not cheating during gameplay.

ManaCube is an ideal server for players who enjoy extended gameplay and progression, with numerous features and activities available to keep players engaged. The server's creations are remarkable, and players can spend several weeks or months building and climbing the leaderboards to become the wealthiest player on the server.

5. Complex Gaming

Complex Gaming offers a diverse range of features such as an in-game store, custom ranks, and voting incentives. Players can engage in various minigames, including Factions, Prison, Creative, Pixelmon, and Survival. Pixelmon is one of the server's most popular features, allowing players to capture, train, and battle Pokémon within the Minecraft game. The server's Skyblock mode also has a significant following.

Minecraft Servers Complex Gaming
Complex Gaming

Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod that enables players to capture, train, and fight Pokémon, making it an ideal choice for those who love both Minecraft and Pokémon. The game is relatively simple to understand, making it easy for newcomers to pick up. Complex Gaming is perfect for players who enjoy PvP, building, or simply wandering around aimlessly.

6. Minecraft Central

If you're new to Minecraft and looking for a fun and engaging server, Minecraft Central is an excellent choice. With plenty of custom and user-generated content, this server has something for everyone. It has been operating since 2013 and has gained a significant following. Over the years, it has offered various games, but its current lineup includes Ultra Hardcore, Lifesteal, Prison, Skyblock, and Survival.

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Minecraft Central

Minecraft Central is particularly popular for its PvP features, making it an ideal choice for players who enjoy this aspect of the game. Despite being an older server, it remains relevant and up-to-date, with new seasons and updates released regularly.

7. MCHub

If you are looking for a friendly and lively community, MCHub is an excellent server choice. The players and staff are supportive and eager to assist with any concerns. MCHub is also well-known because F1NN5TER, a popular Twitch streamer, frequently plays on it.

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F1NN5TER might not be recognized for posting Minecraft content, but he is a well-known personality on platforms like Twitter and Tiktok, in addition to being a fairly famous YouTuber.

With thousands of players from around the world, MCHub is one of the most popular Minecraft servers in the world. The server features both Skyblock and Prison, and all Bedrock versions are compatible with it, but the server is primarily Java-based.

8. FadeCloud

FadeCloud is a leading network of Minecraft servers globally, featuring numerous game modes and a large influx of new players every day. Although it's relatively new compared to other servers, it has grown tremendously over the years and is continually releasing fresh content.

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If you're seeking multiplayer entertainment with friends or strangers online, this server is an excellent place to start. Its game modes include Earth, Dungeons, Skyblock, and Prison, each with its own collection of customized enchants on weapons, armor, or tools. The server also has unique bosses that add a layer of excitement to Minecraft gameplay.

In addition, FadeCloud provides a custom texture pack where you can purchase various items at different prices. It's akin to the Steam Marketplace in CS:GO, where players can buy and sell skins, cases, and keys.

9. Vortex Network

Vortex Network is a welcoming and sociable server that offers a diverse selection of games and minigames. The server places a strong emphasis on fostering a sense of community, and the staff is highly supportive. Additionally, due to its large player base, you can always find someone to play with on this server.

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Vortex Network

What sets Vortex Network apart from other Minecraft servers is its space-themed gameplay, where each game mode is set on a different planet. The server offers a range of games, including Skyblock, Survival, and Prison, all of which attract hundreds of users daily. Moreover, the server frequently updates its features, releasing new content almost every week.

10. Purple Prison

Purple Prison is an outstanding Minecraft server with a prison theme. It boasts numerous remarkable features that make it distinct from other large prison servers, such as gangs, a black market, and exceptional PvP.

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Purple Prison

Players can engage in a variety of activities, including mining, building, and trading with others. The community on Purple Prison is welcoming and helpful, and there are people available to answer any questions you may have about gameplay or available plugins.

Moreover, Purple Prison is an excellent server for prisoners to compete against each other, whether it be through PvP battles, gambling, or running their own stores.

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