The latest snapshot of Java Edition version 1.20, known as Minecraft 23w12a, was launched simultaneously with Bedrock Beta These two editions had comparable modifications and features, which allowed players to experience a lot of new content regardless of the version they are playing.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 5 new additions in Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot 23w12a.

1. Pitcher plant

Obtaining the ancient pitcher plant is exclusively possible through the use of sniffers. These plants' pods can be located by using sniffers, and players can grow them on farmland blocks.

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Pitcher plant

After the pitcher plant has grown entirely, it can be collected and used as a decorative plant on any block. However, doing so will extract the pod beneath it. The plant's vivid color can be used to produce cyan dye by placing it on a crafting grid.

It is important to note that the pitcher plant cannot be placed in flower pots, and no other utility for this plant has been uncovered yet.

2. Calibrated sculk sensor

Sculk sensors, a revolutionary addition to Minecraft, were introduced in the Caves & Cliffs update. They enable wireless redstone contraptions in the game, transforming gameplay.

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Calibrated sculk sensor

An upgraded version of the sculk sensor has been introduced, allowing players to sort vibrations by their frequency levels. This new feature enables players to design more intricate redstone contraptions.

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How to craft calibrated sculk sensor

To create this new item, players need three amethyst shards and a sculk sensor. It's also important to note that only one side of the block can receive a redstone signal as input, making it a mysterious addition to the game.

3. New armor trims

The snapshot has included five new armor trims, four of which are obtainable in the recently added trail ruin structure.

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New armor trims

Players can find the Wayfinder, Raiser, Host, and Shaper armor trims hidden in suspicious sand and gravel blocks in trail ruins.

The final addition is the Silent armor trim, which is the most exceptional and visually appealing of them all. It has a 1% chance of appearing in loot chests located in ancient cities.

4. Sniffer eggs

In earlier versions of the game, players could only spawn sniffers using cheats or in Creative mode. However, the game developers have recently introduced sniffer eggs that players can obtain and hatch in Survival mode.

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Sniffer egg

To hatch an egg, players need to place it on a block, preferably a moss block, as it speeds up the hatching process, which usually takes 20 minutes (10 minutes on a moss block).

A snifflet will emerge from the sniffer egg, which will eventually develop into an adult sniffer. Players can breed two adult sniffers using torchflower seeds, which will spawn another snifflet.

5. Trail ruins

Following the unveiling of archaeological elements and the addition of new suspicious blocks, players have been anticipating the inclusion of a new structure.

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Trail ruins

Out of the blue, the developers introduced the Trail Ruins, a distinctive structure that features many suspicious sand and gravel blocks.

The Trail Ruins have a unique design, composed of a vast array of blocks, and can vary in size. They can be located in taiga, jungle, and certain birch forests.

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