PUBG is a very very hard game, which is also the reason why people love playing it. The idea of being the last survivor among 100 players is both temping and challenging at the same time.

While it is hard, it is not impossible to get a Chicken Dinner in a PUBG match, especially when you have learned these 10 important tips and tricks in PUBG.

1. Start the game on the West side of Erangel

Players rarely choose this part of Erangel at the start of a game since there aren't many houses here. However, the loot in this area is actually quite decent and you won't die before you could even pick up a gun.

Top 10 Tips Tricks In Pubg To Become A Pro Pubg Pr
Most players don't care about this side of Erangel while it is actually a decent place

2. Don't be afraid to stay in the Blue Zone in the early game

Many players freak out when the first circle is coming and mindlessly try to get into the safe zone as soon as possible. However, the damage of the first circle is very small and you can easily survive with only Bandages. Staying in the Blue Zone in the early game also gives you the element of surprise against teams on the edge of the safe zone. However, try to get a vehicle if you are far away from the safe zone.

Top 10 Tips Tricks In Pubg To Become A Pro Pubg Pr
The first zone isn't that scary if you have some healing items and a vechile

3. Always obverse

In the early game, you need to look out to see if anyone is landing nearby or not so you can prepare for a push or push them.

Everyone might already know about this, you can observe enemies behind covers using your TPP smartly. You can then spray them down before they can even see you.

Top 10 Tips Tricks In Pubg To Become A Pro Pubg Pr
Always keep your eyes up to look for enemies

4. Use terrain as covers

The uneven terrain in PUBG is just as good as buildings as covers. By knowing the map well, you will be able to make safe rotations and flank enemies at the most unpredictable spots. Buildings are really stand out. Most people will look at them when they hear shots. However, you can hide better using the terrain around you. Even if you get spotted, you can always move to another location easily.

5. Use Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenade doesn't deal damage but it is one of the most powerful tools in PUBG. Smoke Grenade can save your life while you are under fire. It gives you a safe area by blocking enemies' vision so you can enter the Safe Zone, revive your buddy, heal yourself,... It is the ultimate tool that can change the state of the game you are playing.

Top 10 Tips Tricks In Pubg To Become A Pro Pubg Pr
Smoke Grenade gives you a temporary safe area

6. Play on the edge of the circle

While the Blue Zone is hurt in the early game, you will die within seconds inside the Blue Zone in the late game. By staying on the edge of the circle, you are reducing the possible dangerous places where enemies can attack you from.

Top 10 Tips Tricks In Pubg To Become A Pro Pubg Pr
You have fewer place to look at when playing on the edge of the circle

7. Always boosted up in the late game

Some people think that using boosters while your health is full is a waste. But in the late game situation, you always want to fill up your boost gauge whenever possible even if your health is full. A full boost will give your character more running speed, making you a harder target and allowing you to reach covers faster. At full boost, you will regen 4 health per second, allowing you to fight and move continuously since your enemies won't give you any second to use First Aid.

Maxresdefault 1
Passive heal regen in the late game in PUBG is super important

8. Hiding in the bushes works great

In TPP, you can crouch or prone inside a big bush and still be able to see everything outside. Bushes are great softcover for you to move around without getting spot, especially in the open field near Pochinki. If you have a Silencer, you can even shoot enemies while inside a bush and they will still have a hard time finding your position.

Top 10 Tips Tricks In Pubg To Become A Pro Pubg Pr
Bushes are great softcovers

9. The grass is also a great option

It is actually very hard to spot players nearby who are prone in a grass field. And while you are prone, you still have the full vision in TPP mode. Unless the player is shooting or moving, it is almost impossible to find a player who is prone in grass.

Snake Pubg
It's hard to spot a snake player in a grass field

10. Choose your battle

Not all battles are in your favor and you can only win if you know when is the right time to fight. But as you play more and learn more about PUBG, you will be able to know what to do in different situations. Just start practicing now and be patient.

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